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Life-Changing Giving

Have you ever wondered what life-changing giving can feel like? 
This year, my family had a long talk about what Christmas really means to us...
because the "I wants" and "my list of things" were driving us crazy like a bad hair cut. 
Excited to have an opportunity to really make a difference this year...far outside of our own home.

I'm excited to be telling you about a program that really makes a difference. 
CARE is changing lives in a really amazing way during the holidays and year round. 


Or for more information on this program, read through below.

My family has enjoyed reworking our Christmas budget in a manner that helps others, too, this year. Because, honestly, I can't even remember what the kids received last sad is that? We're kind of done with the more is better gift giving...and trying to adopt a giving to more people is better, especially those in need.

The CARE catalog makes charitable gift giving simple. 
  • Step 1: Choose Gifts For The People You Want To Honor (click here for the selection).
  • Step 2: Let Your Honoree Know With A Personalized Message Or Card. 
    • Each time you give through CARE, you can select how you want to let your gift recipient know you’ve purchased something in their honor. There have e-cards and paper cards you can print and personalize.
  • Step 3: Let CARE take care of the rest! Your gift through CARE will be used to help deliver the most effective, lasting impact to the greatest number of people in poverty. Know that your gifts empower women, girls, and their communities...all the while being a meaningful gift for your loved one. 
With 90% of CARE's expenses going to worldwide program activities, you can be sure your CARE gift will make a difference in the fight against poverty.

To get our kids involved in this process, we let them peruse the catalog and write down items they would like to give through CARE.

This is Maliyana. She lives in Malawi and dreams of becoming a doctor. Her mother, Magret, is a widow, and raising goats has helped her send Maliyana to school. The CARE team has gotten to know Maliyana and her family. You can help families like this with this gifts of goats and much more. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

This is Evelesi. You can learn more about her story and how to help her family and others here.

There are over 30 life-changing gifts in the CARE catalog and on their website. Join my family as we give to this incredible program this season. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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