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DIY Decorative Holiday Tea Towel

This DIY Decorative Holiday Tea Towel post is sponsored by Bounty. 
I am a member of the #QuickerPickerUpper team. All opinions are my own.

Need some ideas for DIY holiday decorations while the kids are off of school for the break? This holiday tea towel is not only a fabulous craft and decoration…it also makes a perfect gift, especially paired with my free printable baking gift tags. This project is very easy…just requires a bit of set up from a grown up and then let the kids have fun with it!

This was such a fun kids’ craft, y’all! My son and I enjoyed working on it together. We’re going to be giving them to some of his teachers for a sweet holiday gift. Check out the entire tutorial below. 

The supplies for this one are easy. First and foremost, you’ll need a roll of Bounty Paper Towels to clean up the mess…kids’ crafts are fun, but they tend to get messy! I used a prefabricated stencil, but you can easily create one (in any shape you like) with card stock and a crafting knife. My shape is a simple pine tree. You could also do stars or bows or anything your heart desires.

We also used fabric markers, masking tape, and plain white flour sack towels.

Please keep in mind, these tea towels are purely decorative in nature…they make great DIY holiday decorations to hang on the front of your stove during the season.

Begin by laying out your Bounty Paper Towels over your work surface. 
They’ll make clean up a breeze!

I decided to cut my stencil into rows for the bottom of my towel.

I taped my stencils in place to make this easy for my son to work with. I measured from the bottom of my stencil to the bottom of the towel to keep it even. We did an even row of trees along the bottom of the towel.

Find a cute kiddo to help you out! Since I set this up completely, his part was fun…coloring! We used the green and brown fabric markers to color in the pine tree stencils.

This is a kids’ craft that can span a wide age range…
it’s a simple coloring activity for a cute holiday design.

Clean up is simple…throw away the paper towels laid under the towel and clean your surface with Bounty Paper Towels. Sometimes fabric markers can bleed through, so make sure to get all the stray marks.

After your towel dries, pull off the tape and stencils to reveal a fun design! 
This was my son’s favorite part.

I used baker’s twine, a jingle bell, and my free printable baking tags to wrap up this simple gift. I added a rubber spatula to complete the present.

Super fun, right? Who wouldn’t love to receive this?

Be sure to have plenty of Bounty Paper Towels on hand for the holiday season. While the holidays are a joyous time, they also deck the halls with messes. When entertaining guests, the last thing you need is to run out of paper towels that help keep your home tidy. Stock up on Bounty paper towels before the season kicks into full gear!

And after all of the holiday parties comes the “dreaded” clean up. When messes strike, make sure you have plenty of Bounty paper towels on hand to quickly and easily pick up.


  1. That is such a cute idea! These would be perfect for the table when we have our Christmas dinner with the family. I appreciate those gift tags, too. You certainly gave me a lot of inspiration for the holidays this year!

  2. Super cute gift idea for the holidays! Love those brightly colored gift tags too!

  3. My son loves doing crafts like that. Cutting and coloring are one of the best ways to get him centered and relaxed when he's stressed out and having a rough day. This looks really fun and perfect for the holidays!

  4. What a creative gift. I could see doing this with the kids and giving them as gifts to the family. It would be fun to have an original towel! So cute!

  5. I might need to copy this idea for teacher's gifts since it's REALLY cute and easy to do! My son would be able to help out and add his own flair to the design. Smart idea to use Bounty to clean up!

  6. I love these tea towels. I have used stamps and stencils to dress up basic tea towels before and those are some of my fave towels to use around the house. I love the way your trees came out. This would make a cute gift for a neighbor or friend.

  7. This is such a cute idea. And I LOVE your presentation/wrapping - so creative, festive, and practical. Thanks for the useful gift tags.

  8. I am absolutely loving your Christmas Craft posts! We are doing a handmade Christmas with my in-laws this year, and you've given me so many great ideas and inspiration. I love that the kiddos can help with this one!

  9. That is seriously such a cute idea! How creative are you!?! I have zero creativity when it comes to making crafts and gifts, although I'd like to think I make up for it with my recipes ;-)

  10. What a clever and affordabl idea anyone can do. We love doing crafts around here and this would be so easy.