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Half Bath Makeover

This Half Bath Makeover has been done for a while. This is actually one of the first rooms that I completed in the new house. But, it's taken me a while to take photos...because it's such a tight space with no natural light! But I truly am happy with the fun, eclectic vibe it now has. 

I'd love to say I put a bunch of thought and planning into this bathroom, but truthfully...it was kind of a conglomeration of a lot of things we had already. The walls are the same color of paint from my lower kitchen cabinets. The art was from our old home. The towel and rug are from a discount store and I hastily ordered the hardware and all of that online. We realized this room would be weirdly prominent...not that it's the first place people see. But, it is a place that is our guests' space. And, well...almost everyone who comes in makes a trip in here. We wanted it to be as comfortable for guests as possible.

Back in December, when we first looked at this home, I was so excited about the idea of a half bath. Forever, our boys have shared their bathroom with all guests. And...it wasn't always "mom clean" on a day to day basis. Having a half bath meant I could ban all residents from this space (that's only halfway worked!) and try to leave this room as clean, tidy, and unused as possible. 
It mainly needed just a bit of cosmetic help. We pulled out the carpet and used the same flooring that's in the main areas of the rest of the home. While we thought we could salvage the toilet, it turned out we could not (long, dramatic, embarrassing story there). 

I know cultured marble isn't everyone's thing...but I actually don't mind it. It works with the era of this home. And it's not shaped like a seashell...so I was fine with it. So we left it. We did replace the hardware (cabinet knobs, towel holder, light switch plate and toilet paper holder), faucet, mirror, and light fixture. 

Since this is technically just a powder room (with no electrical outlets for hair appliances or similar), I went with more of a fun mirror. It gets the job done. My mother hates it, but, hey...she never uses this bathroom anyway. I also used oil-rubbed bronze in here. The light has kind of a fun, vintage-y vibe, too.

I'm not a traditional towel bar person, but I do love a good hook.

It's perfect for touching up lipstick and washing hands.
No fuss, no muss in here. Strictly business, y'all. ;)

I did have to retexture the wall behind the mirror...the old one was mounted on drywall.
Of course, we didn't realize that until we pulled it out of here. 

Old, rustic hardware...again, this was an anything goes space.

The switch plate may be my fave.

Normally, I wouldn't mix metals in a room, but I'm okay with it since this obviously isn't a permanent piece in the bathroom. This is a nod to my quirky side. I framed the subway map that I picked up in Grand Central Station in New York on one visit. The map came from that special central booth, so it was kind of neat to me. If you ask for these, the people at the desk will hand you one (only one, though!). We usually just navigate the subway with apps and phone maps, so we truly never used this. But, I told my husband that this would be an interesting piece for a bathroom...something to study for a bit. I love looking at subway maps...hope I'm not the only one. 

In a way, it's kind of a NYC-themed bathroom (although, I'm really not one to make a theme in a room). This piece above the toilet was a gift from my older son. It's the Flat Iron building in NYC.

I also like to keep a stash of extra toilet paper and Cottonelle® FreshCare® Flushable Cleansing Cloths in the vintage basket on the back of the toilet. Your guests will know they're loved when they never run out of TP...amiright? Gosh, and these wipes are great, too. Guests won't feel embarrassed to have to look through the cabinets for extra help...should the need arise.

As awkward as a small half bathroom can sometimes be...having the essentials at the ready for guests is still important. Cottonelle® FreshCare® Flushable Cleansing Cloths are designed with CleanRipple® Texture to clean better.

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I grab my Cottonelle® FreshCare® Flushable Cleansing Cloths at our local Sam's Club.
They're now located in the toilet paper aisle. The big box is perfect since we have four bathrooms in this new home...there are plenty to go around. 

And this larger box of Cottonelle® FreshCare® Flushable Cleansing Cloths from Sam's Club has three uniquely-designed packages that compliment lots of decor styles. Don't have a Sam's Club membership? Click here to get started on one.

Guests will LOVE finding these in a bathroom!

How do you make your guest bathroom a little more special?


  1. Where did you get that cute red wire basket?

    1. Hey Erin! It was from Target...but literally like 20 years ago! Gah. It's still my fave! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. Love it!! Genius idea to use the red basket as a toilet paper holder. you did an amazing job on the bathroom!!

  3. Your bathroom looks great! I am scouting out stuff for ours as our reno is coming up. hard to make decisions as to what to choose!