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Top Ten Best Uses for A Label Maker

Do you love labeling like I do? Today, I'm sharing my top ten best uses for a label maker...some you may never have even thought of! From file folders to labeling kids' stuff, below are several ways to conquer your clutter with a label maker.

I got my first label maker as a college graduation gift from one of my sisters-in-law. I loved it. I pretty much labeled all the things. I have a newer and fancier label maker these days and my love for sticking a label on just about anything hasn't changed a bit. Check out my top ten best uses for a label maker below.

Don't have a label maker, yet? Be sure to check out this awesome Epson prints from most devices (smart phones, computers, and tablets). AND, prints ON ribbon, iron-on transfer tape, and (of course) actual labels. Click here and use code LW25SAV to save 25% off of this label maker.

Once you've found your perfect label maker, be sure to utilize my top ten best uses for a label maker:

1. Label folders for your  kids' school papers: one folder per year. Keep them all in a file box. I like to use one box per school (elementary, middle, and high school).
2. Sort toys into plastic bins. Label each bin with a large font or even a graphic (the Epson LW-600P even has a library of graphics to add to your labels).
3. Print your name and contact info on RIBBON (my label maker does this!) and use it on your luggage instead of tags. The ribbon will be easy to spot from the luggage carousel, too.
4. Label clear food storage containers to make for an organized pantry.
5. Instead of a card, use your label maker to write "Happy Birthday, Jill! Love, Kristi" on ribbon. Tie to a gift for a fun touch.
6. Label your kids' school bags with iron-on transfer tape. I've had to replace a lunch box mid-school year...labeling can help prevent that!
7. Label binder clips to organize paper work. (not pictured) 
8. Label your charger cords and blocks. My kids and us all have Apple devices and literally lose cords (and blocks) all the ding dang time. I started labeling them and, what do you know, they stick around a bit longer. (not pictured)
9. Label your light switches. Our garage light switch has four switches...all to random lights in the garage and outside the house. It's so much easier to keep the switches straight when they're labeled. (not pictured)
10. Label products and items around the house as sight words for kids learning to spell. (not pictured)

Taming schoolwork is one of my favorite ways of using my label maker.

I even labeled the file box handle with the school the files correspond with (and kid!).

As I mentioned before, my Epson label maker can print...on RIBBONKind of a game changer, y'all. RIBBON. (And I am totally printing from my iPad here!). Perfect for gift giving and so much more...I can't wait to use it for the holidays. Our teacher gifts are so going to ROCK!

I printed my name and contact info on a ribbon (with several spaces in the middle to have room for the knot). These are so fantastic to use in place of luggage tags. Less expensive and your can print as often as you need. Plus, it's easy to spot on the carousel!

The iron-on tape is FANTASTIC for my kids' stuff. AND, it can go through a washing machine, too. Perfect for pillow cases (for sleepovers), school bags and lunch boxes, and even summer camp clothing. 

We may have a Cheerio obsession.
It's easier to tell them apart (we previously used the taste test!) with labels.
I used a clear label here for aesthetic purposes.

Be sure to grab yourself a fancy label maker, too!
This is a really awesome deal above. 

What are your favorite label maker uses?


  1. I thought I was the label making queen but you taught me a new trick.... IRON ON??? O.M.G!! that is fan-flipping-tactic!

  2. These are some great ideas for using a label maker! I am definitely going to think about getting one!

  3. I just love the idea of putting it on a ribbon to tie on luggage!!! Especially because we have black luggage.

  4. I feel like ibwoyld go crazy and out labels on everything. I already try and do that without a label maker.

  5. Love my label maker!! I'm obsessed with it.

  6. These are great uses. Makes me wish I had a label maker.

  7. I also love my label maker, so many fun things to label and make pretty!

  8. Wow - you've got so many great ideas here! Label making can really get addictive.

  9. I had no idea they could do so much. I always think of Monica in Friends when I hear "label maker" !

  10. Cool ideas for around the house. We have one we overuse at the office for handheld devices and name tags, but we have an employee who puts quirky notes on her coffee cups.