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Reducing Toxic Exposure in the Home

Today, I'm working with a non-profit organization, Silent Spring, 
to bring you information about this really awesome new app. All opinions are mine.

Ready to reduce toxic exposure in your home and environment? 
Grab a free app for your phone that can walk you through the entire process.

Just thinking about toxics in and around the home can be overwhelming. Sometimes so overwhelming that I just give up and bury my head in the sand like an ostrich. I've always said I'm kind of soggy crunchy. I love to use chemical-free items in our home and daily lives, but then sometimes I see a good deal and am all about saving a buck for something cheaper, chemical-ly and not so great. Soggy crunchy, y'all. 

I'm about 50% there with being fairly toxic free. It kind of all started when I began using essential oils...and since then I've learned so much and really tried. But, I'm super excited to take it a step further with this new app called Detox Me
This new app helps me learn about the chemicals in products. Each tip offers an easy action and a compelling explanation of how small changes can lead to better health (as's not crazy overwhelming, y'all!).

Detox Me helps reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals with a personalized guide that contains six categories—home, food & drink, clothing, personal care, cleaning, and children. It also includes 270 tips!

Detox Me is the most reliable clean lifestyle guide that empowers consumers to eliminate toxic chemicals from daily lives. Detox Me draws on 20 years of research by Silent Spring Institute on the health risks associated with everyday exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products.

This free smartphone app walks you through simple, research-based tips on how to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals where you live and work, and it keeps track of your progress. 

I think one of my favorite features of the app is the scan feature. I scanned lots of items in my home (cologne...oh my!) to see how they fared in the app. Shop smarter and cleaner using the  barcode scanner or text search option to find out about products you’re thinking about buying. Or go through and scan items you already have to start ditching the toxins.

Decode consumer product labels with the help of the Label Guide, replace commercial products with simple non-toxic ingredients using the DIY Guide, and check out the top 10 tips for each category.

The following are some examples of the great tips in this app:

This app was created by Jessica Helm, Ph.D., a young scientist making a big impact. Silent Spring Institute is staffed and led by researchers dedicated to science that serves the public interest. They partner with physicians, public health and community advocates and other scientists to identify and break the links between environmental chemicals and women’s health, especially breast cancer.
Silent Spring Institute began in 1994, after members of the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition called for a scientifically sound investigation into elevated breast cancer rates on Cape Cod. They founded “a laboratory of their own” and named it Silent Spring Institute in tribute to Rachel Carson, whose landmark book, Silent Spring, launched the modern environmental movement. Carson died of breast cancer just two years after the book was published.

While I was contacted by Silent Spring to work with them on this post, I truly was very impressed with this app and how well it functioned. What a great tool!

Detox Me is available to download for free through Apple’s app store and Google Play for use on iPhone and Android devices. Check out

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