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Easy Spring Porch Refresh Ideas

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We spent some time in the front yard last weekend...trimming trees and giving the entry some nice touches. I've got lots of these easy spring porch refresh ideas below.
We officially bought this house in February...but had been in and out of it with realtors, inspectors, estimates from contractors, and just lookity-looking since the beginning of December. It had been vacant for four years and definitely needed a lot of TLC (more than I think most people were able to take on...or maybe we're just nuts!). One area we always loved from day one was the front yard and porch. There are over a dozen large old trees on the property that give loads of good, southern shade. And now that spring is here, we're able to sit out here and actually enjoy it. Check out the refresh we gave it below.

Above is the before...not bad, but a bit plain and ready for some color.
I did fall in love with the all-brick porch the minute I set foot on it.

Since we still own our other house (any buyers out there, y'all?), we're keeping our budget pretty tight on all of our home improvements right now. Our local Big Lots was the perfect place to get some on-trend, yet budget-friendly porch items. They have a really nice selection that is perfect for mixing and matching to get your perfect spring and summer look. Styles and assortment vary by store.
Our store was a bit crowded the evening I shopped...I think everyone in town was buying planters and garden items.

I also spotted a Big Lots employee setting out pallets of soil, too. Perfect for our planting.

I grabbed two of these 15" Charcoal Wicker Square Planters from Big Lots, along with a great 5-piece tool set (because I still haven't found my gardening tools since the move...and a possum family seems to live in or near our new garage, so I'm not about to dig out there). I also grabbed potting soil and a new hose for the front of the house.

Here's a fun little tutorial on creating the perfect planter:
- First, buy a HANGING BASKET (or two!) instead of a flat of small plants. Hanging baskets have that amazing spillover effect already going on. They're full and ready to put on a show. I went with just one shade of purple petunias here. At my previous home, I used lots of color in our plantings. Here, with all of the color variety in the brick, I just stuck with the one color of flowers on the porch so it wasn't too busy. 

- Second, add plenty of good potting soil to the base of your planter, but don't pack it too tight.

- Third, since using such large, established plants already, I make sure I break up the roots really well before placing in soil.

- Lastly, add more potting soil to the top of the planter after the flowers are planted, to make sure it's filled. Then, water like crazy (a bit more than usual for the first go!).

I think the purple petunias look so pretty in the wicker planters. 

My kiddo gave the space a nice sweep and then we added a few more things.

I grabbed a couple of old, wicker chairs that we have had for years. They've moved to every house we've lived in and sometimes don't even have a spot and stay in a garage for a few years. But, I've held onto them. And now, I'm sure glad I did. I spray painted them white to refresh them a bit...plus, one was red and the other was the original green we bought them in years ago. Holiday chairs weren't really the look I was going for here, y'all. ;)

I added a pillow for some softness and sprayed it with an outdoor fabric protector.

I grabbed the cutest metal sunflower for the door at Big Lots, too.
(Styles and assortment vary by store.)
It was a super fun alternative to my traditional wreath. 

Loving the color. Plus, it still lets lots of light through the front door windows. 

We've sat out here a couple of evenings while our boys played and really enjoyed it.

 I did find a cute wreath at Big Lots, too...for when I'm in a wreath-y mood.
Styles and assortment vary by store.

This is the perfect refresh to go from spring to summer.
What do you put on your front porch as the temperatures warm up?


  1. I love it! It's amazing how a space can transform from empty to cheery and welcoming. Looks great!

  2. Just found your blog and I love it! I am headed to Big Lots tomorrow for a cheery flower for my front door! I bought planters at Big Lots two years ago and they are still going strong! Thanks for some great ideas...

  3. I love the planters and the bright pillows! Big Lots is such a great place to find affordable decor!

  4. I love it! I have two big metal flowers that I just put a bag to donate. I never thought of putting it on the front door instead of a wreath. Genius!! They are coming out of the donation bag. Thanks for the awesome idea!!

  5. This looks lovely! I would never have thought to not be matchy matchy in my color choices! You have given me some great ideas.

  6. I love the colors you chose and the flower on the door is soooo cute! Great idea!!

  7. Everyone is making me go out and buy some pansies. It has been so beastly in Chicagoland, but I will cross my fingers. Lovely entrance to welcome you home! Thanks, Sandi

  8. Adorable! Such fun spring ideas for the porch - mine is kind of narrow and not as sunny, but you got me thinking about some possibilities. Thanks!
    Melanie at Dish Dish

  9. Okay your porch is adorable!! I'm loving the pop of color you gave it! I just found your blog and will definitely be following along! :) I'm just getting into the blogging world and would love your feedback on my blog! :)

    Kayla at Simply Happy