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How to Paint a Porch Floor

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This is another post from my painting blog that I'm bringing over here as I prepare to close that site.

Got a "well-loved" patio? This step-by-step tutorial for How to Paint a Porch Floor gives a simple-to-follow method for bringing your outdoor patio back to life. At the bottom of the post, I've also included all of the paint colors we used here.

How to Paint a Porch Floor
Last summer, we worked like crazy to turn our really neglected back porch into a place we can actually enjoy (including a new DIY Firepit area, too). One of the first things we did was paint. From the ceiling down...we were amazed at how much paint transformed the porch area. Check out below our DIY on how to paint a porch floor.

Painting Your Porch Floor

Porch Floor Painting
So this above before, right? It's a little scary, really. Our backyard has been neglected since the day we moved in. Well...that's kind of exaggerated. But, a makeover was long overdue. Besides paint, we bought a new ceiling fan, added a fire pit patio area to the right, grabbed a porch swing off of Craigslist and bought a new patio table (it's still sitting in the garage). It's come a long way, and we've all been super happy with the end result.
How to Paint a Patio Floor
There was actual furniture out here up until last spring when I got a wild hair and sold it all in a garage anticipation for re-doing the area. From March through July (when we finally had time to actually start this makeover), this space sat empty. It seemed to get messier and dirtier without us enjoying the area like we usually do around that time of year. Bleh. See...even our dog didn't want to stay.

How to Paint a Porch Floor

Prep work is the name of the game for this particular project. Try not to cut any corners, if you can. It's a long process, but not a difficult one...and the reason it's long is due to multiple drying times.
Valspar Porch Paint


Power Washing a Patio


  • Start with a thorough power wash of the entire area.
  • Then, let that dry completely. 
Our patio was probably dirtier than most. We had some irrigation issues which we also resolved over the summer by adding in a pea-gravel area for our fire pit. That area was previously quite muddy because of our French drain's location. By putting in the gravel area, we've totally eliminated the mud problem. Which makes a world of difference in keeping the patio clean. No more muddy paws!

This next step is pretty critical in getting paint to adhere to a porch. This is actually the second house that we've done this porch-painting thing to. This prepping chemical eats off the top layer of your concrete... allowing it to open up a bit and absorb the paint that you apply to it. 

Etching a Patio

  • Apply the cleaner/etcher with your stiff-bristled push broom all over the entire area.
  • Since you may be using a different brand than we did, be sure to follow the directions on your product's bottle.
  • Allow this to dry. Then spray off your porch (we just used a hose, per the directions on our product).
  • After it's sprayed, allow 24 hours of dry time.

Etched Patio
It's pretty amazing to me how clean the porch actually looks once the chemical etcher has taken off that top layer. I, right?
Painting Your Porch Floor

  • After the 24-hour drying period, you can apply your actual paint with a roller.
  • Start by cutting in all of the edges first with your smaller brush.
  • Then roll the entire area (we rolled the furthest area first, rolling ourselves right into the house, for drying purposes).

After the paint is down, let it dry for as long as you possibly can before setting foot on it. We gave ours an entire week to cure (not an easy feat with two dogs that come out that back door to do their thing). We had to take our dogs to the front yard that whole week...but it was worth it. This step definitely requires patience. Make sure to also check your forecast for a dry and sunny week before starting this particular project. I feel like rain could really interfere and mess up adhesion.
Porch Makeover
We're really happy with how it turned out. So much fresher and cleaner. Since this photo, we've added a dark brown teak patio table in front of the fireplace backside, going the long way. I've also added pillows and signs and other fun around the space. You can see the entire makeover of our backyard here.

Porch Patio Colors

Porch Paint Colors

The paint colors here went a long way for this new look. Here are the ones we used:

  • A. The door and ceiling color is Valspar's Crystal Aqua
  • B. The trim color is Valspar's Pale Bloom
  • C. The siding color is Valspar's Au Lait Ole
  • D. The floor color is Valspar's Universal Umber

Texas Lamp Posts
The porch floor was just the first part of our backyard makeover. Be sure to also check out how we made these DIY Sturdy Planted Posts, too. They're our most popular project here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor. Again, see our entire backyard makeover, too.

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  1. Wow! This turned out gorgeous. It looks so clean and inviting. I bet it is really nice with your furniture and some plants/flowers!

  2. Wow! This turned out gorgeous. It looks so clean and inviting. I bet it is really nice with your furniture and some plants/flowers!

  3. I remember you working on this to do! The outcome looks so great! Amazing the difference some new paint can do to make a space just pop! xx, b

  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. We plan on painting our concrete soon. Swooning over the Hiant blue ceiling - really really want to do that here. Well done my friend!!

  5. that looks so good, and i love the siding color, too. enjoy!

  6. Wow, what an amazing difference!! I have used porch paint indoors, but oddly enough, never outdoors where it belongs. ;) I love the way it turned out!!

  7. These were great tips. I really want to to redo our porch floor. It has all kinds of cracks and stains. I guess that is a good thing, because it means that it is getting a lot of use. However, I wish that it was a little nicer. I'm sure these tips will really help me in the process of making my porch look new again.

  8. Hi! currently, i'm working on remodeling the back porch on my mother's house and i was really unsure on how to do this on my own-- thank you so much for sharing your knowledge ♥

    1. I'm so glad this was able to offer you some ideas and inspiration! Thank you bunches for stopping by! <3