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Our Daily Essential Oil Routines

*Disclaimer* The information in this post has not been evaluated or approved by the US FDA. Please be aware that this information is provided to supplement the care provided by your physician. It is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice

My family members love our essential oils to give us a boost every day. Below are our daily oil routines, along with a great giveaway and hop. 

Our Daily Oil Routines using Young Living Essential Oils
 Not only am I sharing my family's daily oil routines, we also have our monthly Young Living Essential Oils giveaway in this post...as well as links to my friend's oily posts, too.
When we first started using oils, it was a bit haphazard as to when and what we applied/diffused/ingested. Now that we've been oily for quite a while, we have a good routine down. Below is our "normal" routine...but really, what is this normal everyone speaks of? This is our most common oil protocol...however, it's super duper fluid from day to day based on our bodies' needs. If we have a headache, we grab the Peppermint or Deep Relief. A toothache? Clove to the rescue. Exhaustion? The En-R-Gee gets busted out. You see what I mean, right? This is just a general guideline of what typically works for us on weekdays. Weekends vary a bit...but we don't stray too far off of this routine.

Our Daily Oil Routines using Young Living Essential Oils
 Rise & Shine! We all have different needs to get our day going:

Mom {hey, wow, that's me, y'all!}>>> I like to start my day with a drop of Thieves under my tongue to give my immune system a boost {please note: not all oils are ingestible, and only Young Living makes the Thieves Oil I would ingest}. I also swipe Peppermint across my forehead to wake me up {it does the trick, y'all}. And then I dab a drop of Motivation behind each ear. The Motivation is perfect since most days start out with a two mile walk with a friend...it really helps me want to do that walk {rather than crawl back in bed}.

Dad>>> My husband likes to start his day with some Joy over his heart {he's pretty precious, y'all!} and Clarity across his forehead. Although this isn't an actual oil, he also uses Young Living's Ningxia Nitro in the morning as well. The Nitro and Clarity are fabulous for him to embrace the day with a clear head and fog-free brain.

Kids>>> I apply Thieves to the spine of both of my kids. My older son has a lot of anxiety, so I routinely do Bergamot behind his ears and Vetiver either on his big toe or on his neck. You can see my last post here {it's a video, y'all}, about how I apply oils to the feet to correspond to different areas of our bodies. My youngest adds a little Joy over his heart in the mornings, too {he's not a morning person...we need all the help we can get}.

Our Daily Oil Routines using Young Living Essential Oils
While I can't head up to school to oil the kids during the day, I do stay super oily on my own all day long. My typical day involves work and chores...then running kids around to activities once they get home. I do most of my computer-related work in the morning. I diffuse Peppermint and Clarity as I work to stay on task and be focused. If I'm having a particularly hard day with focusing, I do the Clarity across my forehead and also drink a Ningxia Nitro {as I mentioned my husband does, above}. I use Bergamot a lot to combat anxiety. Stress Away is probably pretty obvious...I tend to get knots in my neck when I don't use Stress Away. It truly helps me keep it together. I also love to use Grapefruit in a glass of water all day. Often, I do a variety of our citrus essential oils all day long in water...but Grapefruit is my number one guy. It curbs my appetite. 

Our Daily Oil Routines using Young Living Essential Oils

Once my peeps get home from school, things can get wild.

Mom>>> Again, more Stress Away. It's a few non-stop hours of homework, running to sports or piano, practicing sports or piano, dinner-fixing, and all around busy-ness each afternoon. I also throw on some Motivation to keep me going {I rotate that with En-R-Gee}. 

Kids>>> I run Thieves up the boys' spines to boost those immune systems after germ-infused days {have I mentioned I'm a slight germaphobe?}. We can also get a case of crankies from *one* kiddo {who shall remain nameless} so Joy goes on as well. I try to diffuse a citrus oil if we're at home. The citrus oils all have very uplifting properties.

Our Daily Oil Routines using Young Living Essential Oils

I feel like I probably use more oils at nighttime than any other time of the day. As our bodies go into recovery/sleep mode, I want to give them all they need to be their best. 

Mom>>> I diffuse Thieves and Orange in our bedroom all night on the intermittent setting of the diffuser to keep our immune systems in tip top condition {that combination of oils is very Christmas-y smelling...so nice!}. I usually toss another drop of Thieves under my tongue, too {again, please note: not all oils are ingestible, and only Young Living makes the Thieves Oil I would ingest}. I use Cedarwood on my feet for relaxing and Bergamot on my neck for anxiety. If my brain won't "shut off", I will also add Peace & Calming across my forehead {that works like a charm on me}. I keep DiGize by my bed at all times. I had my gall bladder out a few years back. It often times causes me to wake up in the middle of the night with nausea. DiGize kicks that in less than a minute for me. I truly don't know where I'd be without my DiGize. It's tied with Peppermint for my favorite oil of all time. 

Dad>>> Again, I diffuse the Thieves and Orange by our bed. My husband also uses Lemongrass and sometimes Copaiba on his knees for arthritis. 

Kids>>> Oregano is applied to the bottoms of their feet...it's a fantastic antioxidant. Thieves and Orange is diffused by their beds, too...boosting those immune systems. My older son has trouble with sleep...we use Valerian with him for this {big toe applications}, and sometimes rotate RutaVala in, too. My younger son just loves Lavender {me, too!}. I place a drop on his plushie that he sleeps with so he can smell it all night long.

Again, this is just a loose line up of our typical oils. On any given day, we may use less or more than you see above. Oils are different than OTC meds in that using them on a regular basis increases how well they work in our systems...the more we use them, the better they work.


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Our Daily Oil Routines using Young Living Essential Oils

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  1. I left a comment last night, but I don't think it posted. :-( I just came upon your blog from being a part of the BlogHer Bounty + Dawn Campaign. I was linking your blog post to some tweets. :-) I saw that you are a YL gal and had to comment! I just started using oils in January. I am still trying to learn my way around them, and try to discover what is best for me. I too suffer from anxiety but have other things I am dealing with as well, such as adult diagnosed ADHD (inattentive), panic disorder, Hashimoto's Disease (Autoimmune form of Hypothyroid). The Autoimmune also brought me into Early Menopause...so there is that too! haha I love all the examples on how you use the oils for stress, anxiety, focus and waking! I recently got Clarity and Motivation, so it is neat to see how others use them and how they have helped. Focus and motivation seem to be my biggest issues right now. I've used Brain Focus, but maybe I need to use it in conjunction with the Clarity or something to get a better result. Anyway, I love your blog! I love your DIY posts too! That over the microwave ledge with the Faux Stacked Cabinets is amazing!

    1. You are so sweet, Jodi! I really appreciate your kind comment. Yes, oils have been so amazing for our family...so nice to meet another "oily". :) I tend to rotate my "focus" ones. Some others you may want to try are Idaho Balsam Fir (it is a very grounding one, which helps me focus), Rosemary, and Grapefruit, The Grapefruit is a personal preference...it can help with negativity....which is what I get hung up on in my day and that dwelling on negativity pulls my focus off balance! Thank you again for your sweet words...they made my day!! Always great to make a new friend! xoxo

    2. Thank you so much for your reply! Thank you also for the additional suggestions. I saw that you use Grapefruit a lot, unfortunately, there are some medications I take that are negatively affected by Grapefruit. I do have Rosemary, so I will have to play around with that more. My goal is to use oils to help eliminate or at least reduce the amount of meds I take. At least for anxiety and ADHD. The one for my thyroid (Hashimoto's) is a little more tricky. I'd like to try the Thyromin at some point. One step at a time. Anxiety & ADHD first and then thyroid...and hormones! lol

      I do tend to get wrapped up in negativity as well. I'm really hard on myself.

      I look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a great day! :-) xoxo