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At the Foot of the Cross Free Printable

I just love, love, love Kari Jobe's song, At the Foot of the Cross.
I just had to create a free printable with it.

Kari Jobe's song, At the Foot of the Cross, is on my favorite playlist. I listen to it every morning as I watch the sunrise on my walk. It's incredible. And humbling. And just...well, awesome! This is my favorite part of the song...the chorus. I created this printable so I can see the song hanging in my home every day. 
Download one for yourself below>>>
This prints on a letter-sized paper, to be framed in an 8x10 frame.
And this is also one of my favorite fonts, it's called
Austie Bost On a Whim and was created by my favorite font designer {and friend...she's so nice, y'all}, Austin Owens. You can find it on her site, here.


  1. You are amazing!!!!!!! You have me so inspired! I have been looking for a place in my house to put a barn door, and now THIS. It looks incredible! Yes, it's my font, but you made it look... so breathtaking! LOVE the background! <3 *hugs*

  2. I love love this but I can't get it to download. Commenting and hoping that you can check the link - would love to have it! Thanks for all the great freebies and printables!!! :) :)

    1. Thanks so much! I checked it and the download is working fine. If you want to email me (kristi[at]ishouldbemoppingthefloor[dot]com), I'm happy to email it to you.