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Update a Console Table with Rustic Twine

Give a table a fresh look with a little bit of twine...and patience!

  How to update furniture with twine!
Hey y'all! Brett from Being Bianca here and I'm so good to be back again with another decorating DIY this month! I've been on a quest of sorts to find a narrow console table to fill the drop zone by the garage door entry to our home. You know ... that area that quickly fills with shoes, keys, bags and the like. Let's face it, we all have one. Well, with this table on hand, I just couldn't stomach spending a small fortune on a new table without attempting an upcycle on this one first. Nevermind those lamp cords, that's just proof positive of how thrilled I was by the vignette. The size of the table was perfect for the space and the lines were simple, and so with an idea on the brain; I DIYed this ...

How to update furniture with twine! 
into this. . . 
How to update furniture with twine!

I'm so thrilled with the new console table and all it took was a little twine, some paint and a bit of time. To update my table, I needed ...
  • 3 spools of twine. I used standard issue from the craft store - nothing fancy here.
  • Hot glue ... lots of it.
  • Paint. I used AS Chalk Paint that was on hand ... always!
  • Oh, and a table ... yes, that's an important one!
To update, I followed a few simple steps .... 1. Begin by cleaning your table if it's older. This makes sure you remove any dust and such before you craft over it. Remove any hardware if there are drawers that will be covered. 2. Start at the bottom of the legs. Glue the twine at the very base using hot glue. I found it best to secure the first two wraps with glue just to make sure it wasn't going anywhere. 3. Once you have the glue in place and secure (dried), start wrapping. I found it easiest to flip the table upside down and was able to wrap down the leg. You need to make sure you do a few wraps and then just use your hand to ensure it is tight. (just push the individual wraps tighter with your hand).
How to update furniture with twine! 
4. Every few wraps (without glue), add a little touch of glue to keep the pattern secure and ensure it will not slip. 5. Repeat steps 2-4 on each of the legs. 6. I wanted the top of the table to be functional so I painted it rather than wrapping it in twine. If you are painting, be sure to do this FIRST before you finish the console part of the table. This allows for a little room for painting error and ensures you don't paint your twine! 

 How to update furniture with twine! 
7. Once paint is dry and legs of the table are covered in twine, it's time to do wrap the console section of the table. Simply repeat the same process as steps 2-4 but around the entire form. For this section, I double wrapped so you couldn't "see" the table under it. That's it! I will confess that the twine wrapping is a bit mindless; but I flipped on some Will and Grace reruns and giggled and wrapped for a few episodes. Once complete, here's what the table looked like.
How to update furniture with twine!

How to update furniture with twine!

I accessorized the area with a pair of structural lamps from Pottery Barn, a tray and a burlap bucket from Hobby Lobby that frequently becomes home to dog leashes, bags and random finds. The wall behind the table had a makeover with several baskets in various sizes. And with that, the drop zone problem is solved. My keys now have a home and I'm pleased as punch with the fact I didn't spend more than a few dollars on twine to solve this problem! Y'all be sure to stop over and check out some of the other projects and fun we have going on at Being Bianca!
GAH! I'm loving this so much, Brett! So happy you stopped by to share this complete fabulousness with us today. Now, what can I go wrap in twine...


  1. Whoa! I know wrapping the table in twine took forever but the results are FABulous!
    ~ Ashley

  2. This is a very cool idea! Thanks for sharing!