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Free Summer Doodles and Dingbats

Do you love free doodles as much as me? 
These Free Summer Doodles and Dingbats are the perfect companions to all of your summer projects, printables, crafts, vinyl and more!

I love me a good dingbat. Or doodle. Or whatever you like to call them. 
Download all of these fun summer ones below>>>

If you're not familiar with dingbats and doodles, let me tell ya, they're FANTASTIC. They are used on your computer just like a font {technically, they are fonts}. Just install them as you would any font and away you go. The cool thing with dingbats and doodles is that they're also super fun pieces of art. 

I like to use them on printables, too. I will type one and then enlarge it. If you use an image editing software, you can simplify it to make it an actual piece of art that you can play with and add more color dimension to.

These are also fabulous for vinyl projects! Instead of purchasing stock vinyl art, a lot of dingbats and doodles are just right for this. They are simple enough to create a beautiful vinyl piece with.

Below are some of my favorite free summer doodles and dingbats. When you download each one, make sure to check each artist's terms of use. Happy doodling...or dingbatting! :)
That crab! So fun!

{I've read Amanda's blog for years and that's where a couple of these doodles originated! 
Tell her I sent ya over!}

Seriously, how cute would Sue's watering can up there be in vinyl?

I pretty much love every font that Kimberly Geswein creates. 
These flower doodles are no exception. Presh.

These new doodles from Stacy are similar to ones I purchased and tweaked last year to use in my icons bar at the top of this blog. Wishing I had waited and used these...they're so adorbs, y'all!

I can see the caterpillar simplified and having lots of different colors added to each of his segments. Cuteness.
Simple, but perfect for vinyl projects!

Heehee...did you catch that they're all looking at you? Even the pies and cakes?

Another simple one that's perfect for vinyl crafting.

This one also includes some fun words, too!

Are you a doodle & dingbat fan? 
What kinds of things do you like to use them in? Let me know if you have any questions about using these free summer doodles and dingbats in the comments. 

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  1. These are so much fun. Pinning for later. for sure. I hope you are weathering our current FL storm ok while you're here!! xoxo

  2. Wow these are great! I hope some of them will allow me to use them on my garden themed blog. I'll check them out.