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Deep Cleaning by Zone: the Kitchen {part one}

We're kicking off our Deep Cleaning by Zone Series with the kitchen.
Today, in part one, we'll go over some basics. 
Pop in next week to get really down & dirty!

I'm starting this series on Deep Cleaning by Zone to help us all out with our spring cleaning. I purposely didn't call it spring cleaning...sometimes you just deep clean when you can. A lot of times in Texas, we fall clean. Because that's the time of year we can finally open the windows and get the good breezes going while the cleaning starts!

But, after the harsher-than-usual winter we've had, I'm ready to throw open the doors and windows and get a good ol' fashioned spring cleaning on.
I tackle things zone by zone. Today on the blog, as well as next week, we're focusing on the kitchen. It can be one of the grimiest places in a home. From cooking grease and smells to stickiness and can be brutal, y'all! 

Download the above easy-to-follow deep cleaning guide for your kitchen zone at the bottom of this post. While I'm not going to go into detail on every step mentioned above, I did want to show you a simple trick to removing burnt on spots, the natural way, from a ceramic cook top. Come back next week as I show you the natural way to clean and disinfect a few other key spots in your kitchen.

I'm excited to be showing you something I've been passionate about for several years the natural and organic way with Shaklee!

Does this happen to you? The pasta sauce boils and pops and the burners look like this. Bleh. They can be a pain to clean.

One of my favorite Shaklee products is the Scour Off. All natural and smells like cherries! I rub a little on the tough spots and let it sit for a few minutes. I wipe it off and then shine it up with my Basic H, in Degreaser strength.

The Basic H is amazeballs, y'all. I've used it for three years and love it to pieces. It comes in a bottle that is very concentrated and you can use it for {literally} thousands of things. I shined up the cooktop with this. I use it daily on countertops, tables, glass and surfaces all over my home {all at different strengths}. I mop with it, too...did you catch that? I mop.

Nice and shiny.

All the spots are long gone. Below is a short video of my bloggy buddy and Shaklee mentor, Bonnie, showing the way the Basic H is mixed {thanks bunches for allowing me to use your video, friend}. All of the items she is using in the video are available in one amazing special right now {March, 2014}. You can order the Get Clean Starter Kit for $99 and receive a free lifetime membership {which means you can order at a discounted rate from here forward} AND a canister of the Energizing Smoothee Mix for free. My husband and I have been drinking the Smoothees for over a week now and we feel fantastic {they work perfectly with my existing weight loss plan}. I'm almost ready to give up coffee. Almost.
Click here to see the Get Clean Starter Kit {including the Basic H and so much more!}. Clean your home the natural and organic way! Be sure to check out the cost comparison below to see how much less expensive cleaning the green way is!

If you have any questions at all about cleaning with all-natural Shaklee products, please drop me an email here {please include "SHAKLEE INFO" in the subject line so I can spot ya! I am happy to give you a ring-ching-a-ding on the phone to chat more about Shaklee and why I love it so very much! Being a part of Project Dream International is truly amazing! 

Be sure and grab your kitchen cleaning printable below:

Neglect your chores like me and don't miss a thing:


  1. I NEED this! Pinned! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  2. Great printable. Pinned! Chrystal @ YUMeating

  3. LOVE these tips, Kristi! Ha, my burners look like that often. I use something to clean them but it never gets them perfect. I will have to try out the Basic H. Your burners look fabulous! Thanks for sharing these tips and the printable at Marvelous Mondays. :)

  4. I love how you are breaking up your deep cleaning into zones, Kristi! It does make cleaning so much easier. And, like you I love Shakelee especially the paste. It's my favorite!!


  5. Nice checklist and tips. Thanks for sharing them. Visiting from the Link Party Palooza.

  6. Ok, now do mine!! Lol, I really need to get to Spring cleaning but I will be summer cleaning by the time I will get to it all.
    Great tips and chart though!

  7. Hi what is the main defference between Shaklee and Meleluca?

  8. Geesh! That stove looks SPOTLESS. We have a terrible time keeping our black gas cooktop clean. Even the coating is coming off :( I need to try your method. I love seeing pics of your kitchen too. I love everything about it, including the colors. You must have just gone grocery shopping with all that fruit, girl :) You rocked that photo!!

  9. Love this! Going to use it. . .but the word "replace" is spelled wrong under the refrigerator section. . .just so you know.

  10. Kristi, this is a great checklist and awesome tips! Thanks so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend and pinning! (Plus printing for moi!) Hope you're having a happy and wonderful week!

  11. I try to put away all the dishes before I go to bed, so when I wake in the morning I can start with a fresh, clean kitchen.

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