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Printable Thanksgiving Placecards

These free printable Thanksgiving Placecards are a great addition to your holiday table.

It's time to put everyone in their place. Well, logistically speaking, anyway {wink}. These printable coordinating Thanksgiving placecards are the perfect way to do that!

You can add your own names to them either in Word {use these as an inserted image behind the text}, a design program...or the old fashioned way, with a Sharpie {that's how the pilgrims did it...roughing it, for sure}. These come two per page on a letter-sized sheet. They need to be printed on cardstock {we don't want floppy tents now, do we?}. You can use them together as mixed patterns...or alone. They would be super cute as food labels, too. 

Happy Turkey Time!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by! The names on these were made with the font "Pea Miss Mariss" from, under their "fonts for peas" category.

  2. Loving the colors Kristi! So pretty! I featured them from Whimsy Wednesday!

    You can see the post here In this Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

    Thanks for linking each week!

  3. How can I use them in Word? Slow learner here...