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How to Create a Vintage Thanksgiving Sign

This DIY Vintage Sign was very simple to put together...
and will now be a life-long holiday treasure!

Huge Thanksgiving fan here. I know a lot of friends already have their Christmas decor up, but I'm just a huge sucker for Turkey day. I love decorating for this fall holiday.


My new sign hangs in our entry way, with my turkey plates atop.

When I say it was simple...I didn't even use some of the stuff in this supply photo. The two 1x4 boards were not needed {thought they would be for mounting, but not-so-much}.

I started with unfinished wooden letters from HobLob. My older son {who normally isn't that into crafts and stuff} wanted to jump in on this one. Sweet boy. He's painting the letters with a base coat of metallic gold. 

I used the Gorilla Glue {the wood glue variety} to glue them onto the large piece of scrap wood that I had painted white {this scrap was from my Sliding Barn Door...I used some of the inner panelling and turning it over to use the "wrong" side}. You can see from the photo that I used a yardstick to draw a line for them to sit on. I let the letters dry overnight, per the instructions on the glue.

Then the entire board received a coat of the blue paint.

After the blue dried, I took the sign out to the garage to sand it. I wanted the layer colors to show through. I decided to use super fine sandpaper and take a little longer with the sanding process, to give myself more control over the amount of weathering I wanted.

Then I used my Dark Walnut stain and worked in small sections to age the piece even further. This is the step that really takes it to the next level.

I waited about five minutes and wiped it off with paper towels. I repeated the process on the entire sign. After it had dried, I sprayed it with a clear sealer.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. 
Hoping to make one for the Christmas season, too.

I used a picture hanging kit {the teeth kind} to mount this to the wall..with two brackets. Worked perfectly.

Neglect your chores like me and don't miss a thing:


  1. your sign is gorgeous, and I'm with you - I LOVE Thanksgiving

  2. Saw this on PInterest and just had to come over and tell you what a great job you did, Kristi! I will have to try this myself. I've been wanting to make some signs, but since I'm not very artistic {free hand painting lettering is out} and you can be limited with stencils, I just tried the old rub a pencil on the back of some printed out letters, then trace them on to the wood method. It worked out great for my purposes, but I like the dimension yours has with the actual letters.

  3. Love this Kristi! Thanks for sharing with us... I want one!

  4. Very cool! This looks great! I think even I could manage this project ;) Stopping by from The Life of the Party linkup!