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Butter Ball Cookie Recipe | Contributor Post from Julie

Happy Thanksgiving friends!
Tomorrow is the big day.
Is your turkey staring at you when you open your fridge like mine is?
I think ours said, "Get me out of here, Red!" this morning ;)
In the mean time...
lets talk cookies, because we all know baking doesn't end at Thanksgiving.I never had the privilege of meeting my Grandfather who passed away 3 years before I was born.

He loved to cook, and he loved to keep his home nice. I think him and I would have had a lot to talk about. Today, I'm sharing his "Butter Ball Cookie Recipe" with you.
Butter Ball Cookies
I grew up watching my Mom make these every Christmas.
She had his original recipe.

Butter Ball Recipe
Butter Ball Cookie Recipe     Redhead Can Decorate
In 1994 my Mom & Dad made my hubby and I a recipe book for our wedding gift.
My Mom wrote the recipe in there for me, and tucked the original in the pocket for me :)
I was enjoying her handwritten version so much, I decided it should get some attention too.
*By the way, I used walnuts for our cookies.
I think I grew up eating them with pecans.
Both work great.
Butter Ball Recipe Directions
Butter Ball Cookies for Christmas
Here's a picture of my Grandfather I have on our wall.
He was so handsome, and my Mom tells me he was a good Dad to her.
Sharing his picture & recipe brings him closer to me.
I think he would be pleased.
Papa Cy
Thanks Papa!
Love, Julie

PS: Before I go I wanted to announce a new series on redheadcandecorate.com coming after the new year. It's called "Redhead's Kitchen" and I will be featuring my recipes and my favorite recipes from around the blogosphere, including some of Kristi's! I hope you will stop by and say hello. Unfortunately, with time constraints, I won't be contributing to ISBMTF after today, but I will be here on Sundays for our Inspiration Party. Kristi has been such a wonderful friend to me the last few months. She's the real deal behind the scenes, too. I will miss being her food contributor.

Thank you for sharing your followers with me Kristi!
Redhead's Kitchen Coming Jan. 2014

Julie is the redhead that blogs at Redhead Can Decorate.  Julie is from Buffalo, NY and is married to Rick, her college sweetheart, and they are blessed with two girls Daphne 13, & Valerie 11.  Julie's passion is cooking and decorating their home with innovative, creative, DIY ideas.  She shares all of it on her blog. 

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  1. What a special memory. Frame that recipe before it fades away.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,

    PS. I love the cookie too.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This is almost identical to my grandmother's Butterball cookie recipe... It is one of our family favorites.... Have seen lots of recipes over the years, but this is the closest....

  4. This is the same recipe I have, handwritten, from my grandmother and one that's a staple in our family's Christmas cookie collection. We call them, 'Snowballs." Also, if you thumb indent the dough vs leaving them in a ball, and put a dab of your favorite clear jelly in them (we use mint and strawberry, traditionally), they're just as delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Just wonderful! I grew up watching my grandma make these every year. I have her handwritten recipe also. Miss her every year. Can't wait to make these this year with my kids. Stopping by from the Practically Functional blog hop.

  6. This looks so good! I have only had the store bought ones, I bet homemade ones are SO much better! And I love that the recipe dates back to 1956! Thats just too cool!

    Thanks for linking up to the Life of the Party! Im going to feature this tomorrow in an "Easy Homemade Christmas Desserts" roundup!

  7. I bet I'm the only GreatGrandma here! I got this cookie recipe from a neighbor in 1956 and it has been our family favorite ever since. We, however, have always known them as Russian Tea Cakes. (1956, if you're interested, was in the Cold War era in American history).

  8. Very close to my Grandmother's snowball recipe. This was my Dad's favorite cookie and I always made a batch and shipped them to him after I moved away from our hometown. Going out to the kitchen RIGHT NOW and baking. This recipe uses less sugar and that's important to me these days! Thanks, Julie! (from another redhead)

  9. I have a similar recipe by the same name from my grandmother.... I always see ones similar, but never exactly the same.... The main difference seems to always be in the cooking time.... My recipe calls for cooking the cookies for 40 minutes.... They come out and melt in your mouth....

    1. My dad made pretty much the same recipe for Christmas — it’s a German cookie. He would put the dough in the fridge overnight then roll out the balls — trick was to roll the cookies twice in powdered sugar, once when taken out of oven then a second time when finished with the first rolling. best cookies ever����