Fall Owl Pillows | Contributor Post from T'onna | i should be mopping the floor

Fall Owl Pillows | Contributor Post from T'onna

Hello, I Should Be Mopping the Floor readers!  It's T'onna {Navy Wifey Peters} from USS Crafty again, and today I'm sharing a couple fall owl pillows.

Recently, I made a Halloween Owl Pillow for my daughter, and my neighbor stopped by one day to sell us some donuts for a fundraiser. When she saw the Halloween owl pillow I made for my daughter, she wanted one. She also saw a bundle of leafy fabric that I had left over from a few other projects.  She asked if I'd make her an owl pillow using that leafy fabric, so I did. I also made an owl pillow using scarecrow and orange plaid fabric I stumbled upon during my last trip to Jo-Ann's.  So here are a few pictures I took while creating my fall owl pillows:


I found an owl pattern for the owl body and the wings.  I found round objects around the house to trace around to make the circles for the eyes.
I needed a few supplies, and I've been having hip issues, so I sent my husband to Wal-Mart.  He did a great job getting exactly what I needed, but I made it easy by sending him with swatches of fabric.
all the parts for the scarecrow owl pillow
I'm not a fan of ironing, but it needed to be done! :-)
I used a zigzag stitch to sew on the eyes and beak.
Once the face is sew onto the owl, I put the front and back right sides together and stitch around the edge. I left about a 1.5 inch opening to allow for stuffing the pillow.
All done!  I thought the green rick rack was a great accent for both pillows.
Fall Leaves Owl Pillow
Scarecrow Owl Pillow
I had a ton of fun making these owl pillows, and I'm planning on making a bunch more. I've already started on a few Halloween owl pillows, a Thanksgiving pillow, and I'll definitely make some Christmas owls.  I think these will be cool Christmas gifts!  Stop by USS Crafty or Facebook to check my other owl pillow creations. 

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