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Mini Office Makeover

We gave my office a mini makeover last weekend.
A new arrangement, a new desk and new curtain panels made a world of difference.

First off, I should mention that I have never, ever shared a photo of my office with you guys. There's a good reason for it. It was in bad shape. Bad. But, I was ready for that to change. And I'm ready to come clean about the {what should have been on a Hoarders' episode} previous state of the office.


A few other small changes included using this "fancier" chair from the living room, adding a homework center for my kids and a total reorganization {still in progress on that one}.

Against my better's the old office:
Are you still with me? Whew.

My office is always the catch-all for room makeovers from the rest of the house. The china cabinet was moved in here when we redid the kitchen over the summer {including all the greenery on top of it...bleh}. I still loved the cabinet {it has a sentimental story}, so I wanted to repurpose it. But right now, I don't have a spot for it. 

Have you ever seen this amount of wall clutter in your life? 
Below all of that was my workspace...not really sure how I ever got anything done.

Couldn't even close the closet door.

And that pile in front of the closet was for a garage sale...which let's be honest, was just not going to happen right now. Or any time soon. So I made peace with it and donated more than one car load to Goodwill. Trying to store stuff for years for a future fictitious garage sale was just unrealistic. My husband loathes garage sales and I needed to just support that and be okay with the big heave-ho purge I did. Even if I didn't make a dime off of it. The way he sees it, a garage sale is much more time/work/aggravation compared to the amount of money you actually bring in. I get that. Really, I do. But, I'm pretty sure I could have made at least 500 big ones with the sheer amount of junk I had. And then I could have bought more junk with that moola. Sometimes it scares me how I process things. 

I did buy a table off of Craigslist to make into a new desk. It was only twenty bucks, y'all!

And then grabbed a can of Kermit-green paint to use on it. I did two coats of paint {with a primer in it} and three coats of satin polyurethane on this. Against my husband's advice, I decided not to use the leaf. It was all a part of a bigger plan, man. 

I also bought two 9"x6" drop cloths to hang as drapes {like my paint shirt up there?}. I folded them down about nine inches and used my clips to secure them. I love working with drop cloths for drapery. My method is to throw them in the wash to get rid of the funky smell, iron well, fold the top down, clip and hang. They just lay so well and look really nice.

I was so sick of those ridiculous "bubble" drapes that had been in there. Every time I looked at them I wanted to cry. Or rip them straight off the wall. They were so stupid. I have no idea where my brain was when I purchased them. Sometimes I need to learn that just because it's on clearance does not mean it's a wise purchase. Bubble drapes included. Sorry JCPenn-AYYYY, I just could take it anymore.  

I did the above to show you a couple of options. On the left drape I pulled the "pleats" forward to give a cleaner, more tailored look. On the right side, they're just hung as is...which looks fine, too. 

I took this photo to show why I didn't want to use the leaf that my husband was so sure I needed {smirk}. If I had kept the leaf in, the desk would have visually "chopped" the drapes in half since it would have to rest right in front of them. By not using the leaf, I can open the drapes to each side of the desk...letting them hang without interruption from rod to floor. There is a method to my madness. 

I'm super happy with how much cleaner the new design is. I truly only wanted the desk on that wall. But with the routers and all that mess, I had to put my printers in the corner there. If I feel like hiring Time Warner to come back out and rewire this room for the third time, I may rearrange. Frankly, I'm kind of tired of the glares they give me when they come. I think I'm that customer. 

Could that friggin' window be any brighter up there? I can't begin to tell you how much I struggled photographing this room with that glaring light...and the blinds are nearly closed here! 

I'm also completely smitten with the lamp I got on clearance at Target the other day.  

Acrylic lamps make me go weak in the knees. 

I was also able to group my smaller wall hangings on the wall above the printers. Hoping to add some art that I create on the other side of the room...still not sure what to make. Oh and I love the little cup hooks for organizing my schtuff...since I apparently have a lot of schtuff. Perfect to hang USB drives, cables and more. 

My younger son gave me the above subway art last year for my birthday. He gets me.

And here is the homework station I set up for my kids, using my old Ikea desk. It's revolutionizing the way we do homework. When I go pick my boys up in the afternoon, I undoubtedly still have a bit of work left to do when we get home. I felt bad because my younger son would drag his homework in here to be close to me...but since the place was such a wreck, he would end up doing it on the floor on a clipboard {hello, guilt, I've been waiting for you}. And then my older son would be in the kitchen on the other side of the house doing his work alone {honestly, he probably preferred it that way...he needs "alone" time...a kid after my own heart}. But this little spot is perfection. I set up a board with supplies {look for that tutorial next has a funny little side story of what this started out as} and they have the laptop there for computer homework. 

I do plan to spray paint a couple of plain metal folding chairs that are somewhere in our garage. That just involves finding them and doing it first. But, I want to add a little color over here, so it will day! :)

Ben cracked me up with this photo. "Mom, mom...get a picture of me reaching into the pencil bucket. Your friends will love it." I won't tell you how many retakes this took. He's now in the "I don't like how I look in that one, let's redo it" phase. Bless him. I honestly can't even remember now if this is the photo he wanted. Rut-row. And he does read this blog...he's both my biggest fan and biggest critic all wrapped in one. Love him.

When the boys are at school, I can use this area for crafting...and hopefully avoid the craft-pocolypse mess that was my desk in the previous photos. I think I'll be better accountable at having to keep it tidy for someone else's use every day. Apparently, I can work in filth and haphazard, as evidenced from those before photos. But, I do want better for my kids.

There's still more to show you in this room...only these two walls are finished. I have to reload the closet and find spots for everything that is strewn across my dining room table right now. But for now, I really, really like it!

Neglect your chores like me and don't miss a thing:


  1. Great job! I also struggle with the hoarder vs garage sale mindset. I love the idea of a garage sale, just not all the work that goes into getting one actually done. Therefore hoarding in anticipation of a coming sale....then purging the hoard when I'm finally fed up with waiting to get one put together! I feel your pain.

  2. Can you explain in more detail how you did the dropcloth drapes -- what kind of clips, etc. love that idea. we have crazy tall windows and this would be great!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! Yes, I used regular curtain rings that have the little clips attached to them. I used the ones that I already had from the previous window treatments, but I do remember that I bought them at Walmart amongst all the window hardware. And I just used a regular window rod, too. The drop cloths are somewhat heavy, so my only recommendation would be to have a good, thick, window rod for hanging. I hope this helps!! :)

  3. Love the re-do. I hope you painted the leaf b/c you are going to want it sometime. Meanwhile, that is my kitchen table, I hope yours isn't quite a wobbly, but then you don't have my son shaking it, so probably not!

  4. Kristi it looks GREAT! I really wish I had a room for an office/homework area. I like the 'As-Is' hang of the right-side drapes. After all, this is a room for both work and creativity, and making it too formal would mentally cramp the creative, KWIM?

    Love, love, LOVE!

  5. I really like it. Great idea with the board and buckets. I can not tell you how many times my kids say, Mom where is a pencil?! Jo @

  6. I love love your desk! I've been dying to paint something green lately, and if I can ever find what I'm looking for, its going green for sure! Cute makeover!

  7. Oh my gosh, this is REALLY great, esp. the kids' table and the buckets of supplies. Really, really like it. Great job.

  8. I love when I see something that I so quickly fall in love with but never would have put together for myself. That green desk is visionary! If I didn't have my ugly but utilitarian Ikea desks I'd be dying for some emerald green paint! I've got a newer link party that I'd love to see your office makeover on - - hope to see you there!

  9. You give me hope that my all-out transformation of the craft/computer/guest room I have been working on for a month might really happen. My loves: the green desk (A+++), the drop cloth drapes, the formal desk chair, and the organizer above the kids' desk. Great job - give yourself a whole bunch of stars.

  10. Totally in LOVE with that green desk!! I would've never thought to paint anything that green color!! Come share this on DIY Sunday Showcase it's open now! A party I cohost!


  11. Hi Kristi,

    LOVE the homework station. What a neat idea. I love any storage option that mounts to the wall. It saves floor and desk space. :)

    - Erin

  12. What a fun space! I love the bright green you chose for your desk! I popped over from Domestic Superhero-- thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  13. Fantastic!!! I love the green table and red chair together! Fabulous. Thanks for linking it up at Monday Funday. Pinning it to the Monday Funday pin board.

  14. I am loving the great table mixed with that chair ~ Lisa

  15. I always love getting ideas from other people's designs and organizations! Thanks for sharing!

  16. The green colour you've chosen for the table is perfect, it adds a lot of fun and personality to the room. It was a brave choice but it paid off big time! Great redo, Im a big fan of before and afters it always shows how much work went into the room.