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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Guest Post: How to Make Your Invitations One of a Kind

{The following is a compensated promotional post.}

Guest posting with me today is Joan Stearns, an awesome freelance writer. She's got some fantastic ideas on adding a special touch to the big day. Welcome, Joan!

Wedding bells are ringing!  You want your life together to start off with a creative and personal touch, right?  Well, chose the right invitations!  Your invitations will unite the two of you with your guests, and leave a never-ending story on their lips. How can you do this, you ask?  This is easy, and so stress free: just customize your perfect invites online.

Get creative and be unique!  You can attach pictures of you and your betrothed together, or several photos of things that you love.  Like a pizza, Paris, football, ballet, the thought is unlimited!  Add a poem about the way you both feel for each other, or, yes, write one together!  Don’t forget to sign it! 

Know your guests, and add a red circle for the fun couple.  On their invite, tell them to expect anything.  Speak with your DJ ahead of time and give him certain times to call on the red circle group to perform songs, poetry, or just to say something about you and your spouse!  That’s right, by then you will be married!  If you are not using a DJ, assign someone in the wedding party to have fun with this idea! Have your guests bring pictures they may want to share, and set up boards for each of you at the reception, where they can post them.  A contest at your wedding for the guests… a blast.  Why not put a question on the invites, in little cards they can send back with their replies?  Example: Where is our honeymoon?  Whoever is the closest guesser, wins a centerpiece, or a gift of your choice.  This would also be easy to do if you create a website/e-vite!

With an online evite you can really create a masterpiece.  When your guests open the page, your favorite song could play, while they are reading their invitation.  What?  You say the wedding party is 300, that’s okay.  Record your voices and use the same message for each invite, it will still have a WOW impact.  Maybe, add just a personal message letting them know how important it is to share this special day with them.  If you have a small wedding party, the individual impact could be wild.  Example: “Joe leave your football at home!  No shorts, your legs are too hairy!” 

If you want a more serious side to your invitations, have your guests write something they love about the couple, or the individual person getting married they know. Then return their thoughts with the reply.  Some of these could be read at the reception, and buy a scrapbook just to put these thoughts inside for your own memories.  Your guests will feel connected to both of you!  When they come to visit make sure it is sitting out!

Right now, you are thinking themes, I know!  Let’s get more spontaneous than the typical lily, or summer themes.  Sites like Invitations by David’s Bridal allow planners to customize your wedding theme down to every little detail.  What about including your guests into the themes, if you dare!  You could still wear the typical wedding attire, and give them the theme.  How about your guests wear clothes from the decade you were born in?  Wedding in October, have them dress up, as ghouls only?  Or not.  Christmas characters for the holiday reception is a great idea, or just come in red and green!  No matter what month you choose, it could wear any theme.

When you order online, take your time and let your thoughts expand into a beautiful day of memories.  Make them yours and theirs, because the people you invite are special to you and worth the effort.  They are part of your life, whether they have shared only one of the lives getting married today, or both of them.  Make their invitation count, without them it will not be a party! 

Special invites are easy to make today, by you and your partner sharing in their creation on line.  Make Uncle John a card for farmers, or Aunt Susie, who loves to write, add a quill, your best friend, Bob, loves soccer.  Personalize it!

Your day is about you, and how you affect those that love you will only bring you closer together, as you all join together to share in this perfect unity.  Make your invites, invitations that will last a lifetime!

About Joan Stearns: With an unending amount of energy and jam-packed daily agenda, it seems the last thing this stay-at-home Pennsylvania mom does, is stay at home! When not carting her 8-year-old twin sons to their after-school activities, Joan loves to bring her creative ideas to life through baking and DIY projects.  Joan finds peace and fulfillment in finding new forms of self-expression and believes when life gives you lemons, you should make a yummy dessert dish out of them.

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