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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vanilla Bean Mega Mocha Milkshake

This post is brought to you by Seattle's Best Coffee.

This Vanilla Bean Mega Mocha Milkshake 
is the perfect afternoon {or anytime} pick-me-up.

This is such an easy milkshake...guaranteed to, well, bring all the boys to your yard.

Recently Seattle's Best Coffee sent me a box of YUMMY...it included a few bags of these Frozen Coffee Blends to try out. They were an instant hit. 

To make these milkshakes, I used a bag of the blends, a couple of {BIG} scoops of Vanilla Bean ice cream, and vanilla creamer to get the consistency of the shake that I wanted {which for me was about half a cup}.

Pour everything into the blender and blend until desired consistency is achieved.

I also rimmed my glasses with honey followed by chocolate jimmies.

Super easy and yummy.

There's several flavors of the frozen coffee blends...
think of all the FUN possibilities!

And why not keep it simple sometimes, too? 
Simply blend the coffee with milk for a two-ingredient treat that tastes fantastic!

The first FIFTY readers to fill in the form below will be mailed a coupon for a free bag of Seattle's Best Frozen Coffee Blends! SCORE!


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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Fun in my Morning Coffee #IScream4ID

How is it almost August? We're trying our best to preserve what's left of the summer fun around here. Even momma's morning coffee has its own summery twist in the form of a delicious ice cream treat! 

Two Scoops of Summer in My Morning Coffee: Loving the new International Delight Coldstone Creamery Flavors #IScream4ID, @indelight,  #summer
The ultimate mash-up? Coffee and ice cream.
One scoop or two in your mug?

While my boys are enjoying their own summery ice cream treats, my cup is filled with caffeine and creamer. And not just any creamer...I'm totally digging the new International Delight Coldstone Creamery Flavors! My absolute favorite is the Hot for Cookie one. It really tastes like an honest to goodness hot cookie. Like, seriously. My coffee to creamer ratio is getting dangerously close to 1:1 these days. 
It's that good. 

Two Scoops of Summer in My Morning Coffee: Loving the new International Delight Coldstone Creamery Flavors #IScream4ID, @indelight,  #summer

Since it's hotter than hookus around here in Texas, it's fun to have friends drop by for coffee and treats after a hot day of play and work {when it's finally starting to cool off}. I'm thinking it would be WAY fun to throw an ice cream social one evening: frozen treats for the littles and International Delight Coldstone Creamery flavors for the adults' coffee cups. 

What would you need to throw the ultimate ice cream social?

International Delight's Pin to Win Sweeps #IScream4ID {ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com}

Love ice cream + coffee? This summer, International Delight is bringing your favorite Cold Stone Creamery ice cream flavors to coffee and they're celebrating by giving away five $400 grand prizes to throw this summer’s ultimate Ice Cream Social!  To enter, visit the ID + Ice Cream Pinterest board and pin your favorite image using the #IScream4ID hashtag. Good luck! 

Two Scoops of Summer in My Morning Coffee: Loving the new International Delight Coldstone Creamery Flavors #IScream4ID, @indelight,  #summer

Our mashup photo shoot was super fun!
Thanks to my youngest son, Jonathan, for joining the fun with me.
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Free Printable Froggy Thank You Notes

These free printable fill-in-the-blank thank you notes are perfect 
for little ones to fill in the blanks. 

Free printable fill-in-the-blank thank you notes. Perfect for kiddos to fill in after birthdays or holidays. Choose from blue or pink. Instant download.

My boys have used fill-in-the-blank thank you notes for years. It makes it so nice after a birthday or the holidays to send off a lil' appreciation. These print two per letter-sized sheet, to be cut. Prints best on cardstock. 

Free printable fill-in-the-blank thank you notes. Perfect for kiddos to fill in after birthdays or holidays. Choose from blue or pink. Instant download.

Free printable fill-in-the-blank thank you notes. Perfect for kiddos to fill in after birthdays or holidays. Choose from blue or pink. Instant download.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beach Condo Tour

I love looking into other people's homes for inspiration.
This is the beach condo we enjoy staying in when we visit the shore.
The owners have decorated it beautifully and it's a great place to get away to.

Beach Condo Tour with lots of great decorating ideas.

I grew up spending a week {or sometimes more} at the beach with my family. We've started our own tradition of doing this with our boys as well. I want them to grow up with memories of sandy summers and lots of great family time.

Our favorite getaway spot every summer is Mustang Island...a Texas beach a few hours down the road from us. We stumbled onto this condominium complex a few years ago and always enjoy staying there {if you'd like the name of it and more details on renting this particular unit, just drop me at email}. I enjoy the "roll out of bed and walk down to the beach factor" as well as having all the comforts of home {like a kitchen, separate bedrooms, etc.} right there with me. 

I love how this condo is decorated. 
So beachy and relaxing.

Seriously wanted to take this coffee table home with me. 
This is just my style, y'all. Love.

This was my curl up and read spot after a day of play.
{My husband jokes that I may not get to read but one week a year, but when I do, I devour about five books in a row in that week. He's not even kind of kidding.}

Loved these chairs around the dining table.
And check out those hand-scraped floors? Perfect for tracking in all the sand and surf that seems to make it with you everywhere you go when you're on the beach.
{Photobombed by the hubs.}

Is that paneling around the bar area not gorgeous? Love it. Also love the mosaic subway-style tiled backsplash. 

really like cooking when we're on vacation. Some people aren't into that, but to me it's fun. We will cook or grill by the pool about half of the nights we're there and eat out the other half {seafood restaurants only at the beach}. One of the days we're there, we take a beach break and head into town to see the sites. On that day, we'll eat a big lunch in town and come back to the condo to make homemade ice cream for summer...that's one of my favorite vacation traditions. Although these kitchens come fully equipped, I do drag my ice cream maker all the way to the beach {it may or may not take us four hotel luggage carts just to unload our car when we arrive}.

Love the little half bath on the first floor. 
Look at that mosaic glass tiled wall! It sparkled. Sparkled.

The master bedroom upstairs was super spacious.

It had fun details, like this precious cross-stitched pillow.

And that capiz-style lamp? I die.
I'm a sucker for capiz anything.

The master bathroom was pretty awesome.
Once we got home, I contemplated taking a sledge hammer to ours.

Beautiful shower. It made me like glass block again...which I had given up on years ago. It also had another shower head on the wall to the right. It was a shower for two...but we could fit ten people in here, easily. Not that we did that. Just to be clear.

Pebble rock tile.

I liked how the lights were on front of the mirror.

The pebble tile extended along the bottom of the mirror area.

The second bedroom was cozy, but still pretty.
Love that the rattan from downstairs was carried upstairs, too.

Cute little bedside table.

The bath for the second bedroom had more fun rock tile...or whatever that's called. 
It was on the floor, too. 

This was the view from the balcony out of the master bedroom.
Perfection to sit here and enjoy a morning cup of coffee. My husband and I also sat out here nightly after everyone else was tucked in. It was beautiful to just watch the moon light up the ocean. The only thing you can hear at night here is the waves and crickets. Awesome.

{Oh, and those pools were pretty sah-weeet to enjoy, too.}

But, let's be honest.
This is what the beach is really all about.

What's YOUR favorite vacation tradition?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My 25 Favorite Free Chalk Fonts

You guys know I love a good chalkboard free printable
Here are my go-to fonts for creating them, links to download included: 
{and two free chalkboard backgrounds}

25 Awesome FREE Chalk Fonts and 2 Chalkboard Backgrounds. Includes download links and examples.
I've been kind of amazed at the amount of emails and messages you sweet peeps have sent me about the chalk fonts I use. The truth of it is, I spend way too much time on font sites...looking for fun ones. I thought I'd share my absolute favorite free ones with you here. I've included the well known 'quick brown fox' line so you can see how every character looks in the font {upper and lower cases, when available}. Below the images are links for you to go and download them for your own font library.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pamper Yourself: Pin to Win Giveaway

Who doesn't LOVE being pampered? 
Enter below to win one of the following {AMAZING} prizes:

1.Gorgeous Coach Purse {available in several colors}
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{You get to pick which one you want!}

Pin it to Win it - Pamper Yourself! You pick the prize!

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Image Map
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Backpack Station

Need a fun back to school project?
A DIY Chalkboard Backpack Station is the perfect way to keep kids' school bags and important notes all in one spot.

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial
I've been so excited to show you guys one of the latest projects in our kitchen redo.
This DIY Chalkboard Backpack Station is going to make things so much less fussy when school time rolls around. It's so nice to not have back packs on my kitchen chairs anymore!

{Coupons.com provided me with a gift card to the Home Depot to complete this back-to-school project.} 

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial
I've been wanting something like this in the breakfast area for-evahhhh. The boys do their homework at our kitchen table. And, as you can see from the below photo, their backpacks were kept on the backs of their chairs. While logistically this worked for us, aesthetically...momma not so happy.

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial
We started with 5MM 4x8 Underlayment. We discovered this underlayment when we did the $30 board and batten job in our younger son's roomWe cut it to the size we wanted with a circular saw and mounted it to the wall with anchors and dry wall screws. We sunk the screws as much as we could since we'd be covering them with a frame.

As I mentioned, this is in the midst of a kitchen redo and I was also updating the paint in the kitchen {to date, this is the only wall completely painted...LOL}. I painted the new color on the outside of the board, so I wouldn't have to painstakingly cut in around the frame latersville. Then I used regular chalkboard paint to paint the inside area.

{In case you were questioning my sanity, yes, it's been less than a year since I painted the kitchen that darker color. I have decorating adhd.}

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial
We used a compound miter saw to build a frame with mitered corners. 
We used 1"x6" boards for this.

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial
I painted and distressed the frame pieces. 

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial
We used both liquid nails and wood screws to put the frame in place.
We always go for overkill in the attaching process.
There will be nothing falling off a wall in this house. Nothing.

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial
Then we attached them to the underlayment board. I intentionally did not fill the mitered corners on this piece, as I've done on others in the past. I wanted to keep the look of the rough frame...old and chippy and unperfect. I did, however, fill the sunk-in screws. Nothing like a shiny screw-head to scream "this is really new...just meant to look old".

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial
I purchased the oldschool hat/coat hooks and we attached them to the bottom board. Since we used anchors to put the board into the wall and then everything else mounted onto that...I'm pretty sure these could hold ten full backpacks per hook. 

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial
I seasoned the chalkboard with the side of a piece of chalk. This prevents ghost images from "sticking" to your chalkboard...long after they've been erased.

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial
Happiness is neat and tidy bags all in a row {and not on chair backs}. My boys literally did a double take when I started pulling out backpacks and lunch boxes and hanging them up. We had a bit of an Awww Freak Out moment. Then I started writing dates on the board and had one in tears and the other burying his head in a pillow. Good times.

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial
I added a flirty little banner to the corner...because I could {wink}.
Feel free to print one of these for yourself. They were Friday's Free Printable here.

DIY Chalkboard Frame and Backpack Station Tutorial

 Coupons.com  brought you this post; they recently reached out to a group of us and challenged us to create a Back to School project. I was super excited to partner with them.  They are the largest provider of digital coupons on the web for both companies and brands.  Did you know they offer Jo-Ann coupon codes and Home Depot coupon codes too?  How fun is that? To save somewhere you'd already be shopping at...that's a winner, winner chicken dinner, friend. 

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