i should be mopping the floor: Friday's Freebie: Blame it All on My Roots

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Freebie: Blame it All on My Roots

I had a totally different {graduation-themed} printable all ready to go last night. But then...I kind of hated it. The more I looked at it throughout the day, the more I was embarrassed to post it. And back at Blissdom, I made a promise to myself to only post awesome {or at least my own standard of awesome...we all set our bar somewhere}. And awesome it was not

So as I sat here at my desk, listening to my {constantly-in-the-background-Luke-Bryan-Jason-Aldean} Pandora-station, I realized I was just in a country kind of mood. I grew up on Dolly & Kenny and not a lot has changed with my music tastes in 35+ years {except for that darned thrifting song. Geez-a-lou}. So, here ya have it...this is the stuff that makes my speakers go boom-boom {if you're a Luke fan, you got that}:

Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots printable.
Thank you, Garth. You kind of rock. 

Blame it all on My Roots Free Printable

This is sized at 8x10, but prints onto a letter-sized paper for trimming and framing.

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1 comment:

  1. You're so funny. And I've always loved this song. I grew up on Kenny and DOlly too. On vinyl. {oops, I've said too much…}.
    Of course, when I saw the title of the post come through in email I was expecting a hair blog. LOL

    XOXO, Claire