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A Day of Play: Connect and Spend Quality Time with Your Favorite Peeps

The following is a sponsored post by Cutter. I have been compensated for my time as well as provided with products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Is your family in need of some quality time? With the hustle and bustle of...well, life in general, sometimes it's great to just unplug and connect with one another. Annnnnd...it's the perfect time of the year to get outside to enjoy some fabulous together time!

Let me start this out by stating...we HATE our backyard. Actually hate is too subtle of a word. We LOATHE it. We live one yard away from a small creek with {constantly} sitting water. It's lovely. Not. {Or as my kids would say: "prank"...apparently "prank" is the new "not". Okaaaaay.}

We try to avoid backyard everything: eating, playing, gardening...everything. Thanks to our nearby creek {and just living in central Texas in general}, it's mosquito city back there. They have no mercy. And as my grandma would say...I'm just so sweet they can't stay away from me {wink}.

So when my friends at Cutter asked me to work with them on a project...I thought, "Oh yeah, I can put this to the ultimate test."

And I did. 

I was able to try out this awesome assortment of goodies. 

I have several favorites now...love the scented candle, the Natural & Dry Insect Repellants and the Backyard Bug Control. All super awesome! 

My husband prepped the yard with the Backyard Bug Control a bit earlier in the day. It's easy to connect to the hose and spray away; it also treats up to 5,000 square feet. Not only does it kill mosquitoes and other insects, it also lasts up to EIGHT WEEKS {even after rain}. Kids and pets are able to reenter the yard as soon as the product dries, too. 

Both the Natural and the Skinsations are so gentle that I let my children apply it on their own. The Natural version is a very effective alternative to DEET. It is made from oil derived from geraniums. 

I adored the Dry Insect Repellant. It's a water-based corn starch formula that leaves less residue than most repellants. It was actually really awesome...and it's completely unscented! 

{This is the result of a six-year-old behind the camera...your mouth is open and you look cray-cray}.

We also lit several of the candles around our patio area. The Cutter® CitroGuardTM candles create a barrier of protection for your outdoor spaces...and a nice ambiance on a nice evening outside.

Perfect for keeping the bugs away from our brats & doggies on the grill.

You just have to grill out when you're playing the day away outside!

It was a perfect day that melted into the perfect evening.

We made some fantastic Pudding Pops for our special day, too.


We also made a pact to turn off all outside distractions...no "e-time" during the Day of Play. We set our phones to only alert us to rings from certain people and we let them know advance that we were having a family day and needed to unplug a bit.

This all probably sounds a bit much, but we're a very "wired" family, at least my husband and I tend to be. He's a high school principal and can't be without contact to things going on. But, we worked hard on that on our fun day.

It's also nice to take a break during our busiest time of year...with graduations, banquets galore, parties and achievement ceremonies here, there and everywhere, sometimes we just don't see each other much in May!

We didn't have an agenda {kind of nice for a change}.
We just played.  

And played some more. 

And played until the sun went down. 
It was awesome.

The Cutter products seriously did a FABULOUS job in our mosquito-laden yard. Not one of us had a single bite after hours of being out there. That's completely unheard of around here, y'all. We weren't swatting away insects while trying to eat, either. It was perfection. I'm a fan for life!

Want to win your own pack of Cutter goodies to help your summer stay insect-free?

How does your family unplug together?

Neglect your chores like me and don't miss a thing:


  1. We live in south Texas near the coast...mosquito world!! I'm glad to hear about the bug lawn spray. Thanks for testing it out. I will be buying it! Thanks so much!!

  2. This looks like a fun day and to enjoy it insect free must of been extremely nice :) Great post!

  3. Oh I'm so excited I read this!! I had no idea they made a 'Dry' version!! I need that asap!