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Wall-to-Wall DIY Hook Board

A custom hook board can help control clutter that comes with everyday life. This one we put together for our laundry room makeover has helped our jacket/backpack/hat/anything-that-hangs-mess tremendously.

I wanted a board with hooks that spanned the entire blank wall in our laundry room. Our previous hooks were on a one foot board with only four hooks...it was always overloaded.

This new one has more hooks than we'll probably ever use...but I'm soooo okay with that. I even have a hook for the little wall pocket I keep my plastic bags in.

The other day my dad was over and he referred to it as a hooker board. Three times. Without batting an eye. Bless him, Lord. He's too pure of heart to even know the humor the rest of us gutter-minds find in that term. I snicker every time I think of it. 

This hooker board started out as a 1x4 piece of pine {cut to size} that I slapped some of my blue oops paint on. I like to work with pine since it's a bit softer and easier to distress.

 I distressed it with my palm sander.

Used some stain with an old kitchen sponge I had laying around in the garage. It's laziness at its finest. I couldn't even take the time to find the proper tool.

I let the stain sit for a couple of minutes and then wiped it down to remove the bulk of it. 

Then the men hung it. It was a three person job. Apparently.
We managed to get it in studs so we didn't have to use wall anchors 
{the bain of my existence}.  

And you'd think, between the two of us, doing math to hang hooks to put on the board wouldn't have been as time consuming as it was. But, this was seriously the hardest part. We had charts and graphing calculators {that hadn't been used since college} and rulers and phone apps and everything under the sun. I have no idea how we finally got them up there in some semblance of even spacing. At one point, I walked away in frustration and said "call me on hook seven so I can take a picture". My husband really puts up with a lot from me sometimes.  

But I think it turned out great, in spite of our poor math skills. We got the hooks at Lowes...they were the cheaper ones that are toward the bottom of the display.

We're still a considerable way from calling this room done.
If you remember, this room-redo was a product of a broken washer that our warranty replaced for us. The issue that washer had left a streaky mess {from humidity and leaking} all over the walls.

This is the other hook board in the room...it was a HobLob find. I considered duplicating its pattern on the larger board...and then said nahhhh. 

Above the hook board, Board Dudes from RoseArt is sponsoring my new command center that I'll be putting in {hopefully next week}. Can't wait to show you everything when it arrives.

Annnnd...on my top shelf {which I now can't reach since my new machines are taller}, I splurged on the vintage metal letters from HobLob. I can't wait to show you guys the entire room when it's all done! 

This was where this room started...almost six years ago when we moved in.

Shortly after moving in, my dad helped me redo the room and add the shelving {and remove the cabinetry}. This was a great set up for us, and would've still been had we not encountered washer issues. But, stay tuned...more laundry room adventures to come!

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  1. I love the color and finish you used for the shelf... So springy!!!

  2. Love your "hooker" board. Those quick inexpensive projects are the best--like you've slaved all day.

  3. Such a pretty color!
    Love your photo's too!

    hugs x
    Crystelle Boutique

  4. I love the polka dot version! Cute idea. I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

  5. lol....I love the math part! you're so funny...the outcome is awesome though and thank God for hubbies that put up with us :)

  6. I love this and need my own hook board. I'm with you on spacing. Thanks for tutorial.

  7. I love this and intend to totally copy you. And I don't think it's laziness - it's inspired resourcefulness. I really appreciate that you've pointed out that this transformation has taken a long time. It's easy in blogland to get the idea that everyone has totally transformed their home in a weekend. We've been in our house 6 years and are just starting to fix things that have been bothering me since then. ;-)

  8. I like your hook board better than hobby lobby's. I recently did a shelf hanging thing that sounded very similar to your experience needing graphing calculators, etc. Hours and hours of figuring and trying because of some circumstances with the wall I was hanging it on. Glad you had helpers! The letters are a great touch!

  9. Love this Kristy! The color is perfect! Great job! XO

  10. I need to make this right now! Muchly needed in my house! Thanks for sharing! Pinned

  11. I love you board! I so need to make one of those for the entry way of my home. I would love for you to share this project at my weekly linky party Blog Stalking Thursday. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I love the hooker board! ;) My husband and I are searching for our first house and this is an idea that I'm absolutely going to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing! :)
    Brooke @ DesignedByBH.com

  13. Love this, Kristi! The color is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  14. Great idea! I need this around my entire house!

  15. wow--looks great! "call me on hook seven so I can take a picture"--ha! That sounds like me whenever power tools come out. I really like the look of the stain over the paint. And you can never have too many hooks, I always say. I have a coat rack project coming up next week, so I was hanging on every word :)

  16. Excellent! I love how the color turned out!

  17. yeah !! very inspire