Easy Guide to Area Rug Placement {with diagrams}; #rug, #rugplacement, #arearug | i should be mopping the floor
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Easy Guide to Area Rug Placement {with diagrams}; #rug, #rugplacement, #arearug

Here's a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your area rug. Includes area rug placement diagrams that anyone can easily implement. Great for hard floors that need a little soft touch.
 Area Rug Placement Guide
Back in June, we were super excited to work with Metroflor Corp. and get some fabulous new flooring for the main areas of our home. We've truly been enjoying this "feet candy". 


A few things we hadn't thought about was how our furniture would "react" to hard floors. One thing that made me sad was when that beast of a coffee table scratched my new floors {how dare she} with her rough feet that I stupidly didn't place felt on. And then there was the amusement park ride that occurred every time we sat on the loveseat...and slid almost into the kitchen. Weeee!

So, for the past few months, I had been looking for a rug. I was in love with this one from Ballard:
I was not in love with the $1,500+ price tag for the size I needed.

area rug placement ideas 
Then one day, I was doing my daily Craigslist stalking for a buffet that I've been stalking Craigslist for the last three years for {obviously unsuccessfully}. And I saw this awesome rug {in a good size for my living room} for $50. At first I thought...hmmm, carpet that was used in someone else's house? With their feet on it? But after reading the fine print a bit more, I realized this rug had barely been used and the owner said it was recently shampooed and clean {although everyone's definition of clean differs from one to the next, I thought I'd at least go look at the thing}.

To my delight, it was clean...and still had plastic pieces on it from the original packing. It was the find of the century, people. I threw it in the back of the truck and was on my way before the guy could realize that I got away with robbery, here. FIFTY BUCKS? For a rug worth over $1,000. Barely used. 

area rug placement ideas
As you can see from my diagrams below, this is the size for "good" rug placement...not "best". But that's okay...I'm not sure when I'll see a 10'x14' rug on Craigslist that matches my living room like this one does. Nor will it probably be $50. Nor will I pony up and pay the amount one from Ballard would cost me. For good measure, I steamed it with my own steam cleaner when I got home. Twice. I don't know why...I just did {probably the voice of my mother in my head saying "you bought a rug off of Craigslist? KRISTI LYNN!!"}.

After the past few months of rug research, I feel like I've learned quite a lot...I thought it would be fun to share the best ways to use rugs in different rooms of the house. There is an actual visual science behind all of this and how your eyes work with it all. It's not just the rug companies trying to get us to buy the 10'x14' and be out a 2K for a piece of carpet. Visual science.

diagram for living room area rug placement
I'll be honest, it's so tempting to do the "HO HUM" arrangement because it just seems like the logical thing to do. But having the rug literally "pull" all of your furniture together like in the "GOOD" and "BEST" diagrams makes a world of difference. It's a much more cohesive look.

diagram for bedroom area rug placement
I'll be the first to admit, I have this all wrong with the rugs in the bedrooms of our home. But this is definitely something I can strive for and put on the to-do/wish list. I honestly kind of like the "GOOD" model better in this one. But it would be a beast to try to mop and vacuum up by the nightstands and headboard. Sometimes "BEST" is just that for more than one reason.

diagram for dining room area rug placement
We currently don't have a rug in the dining areas of our home. Our formal dining room is fairly small...and I love our dark flooring showing in there with the light walls. But, this is definitely something to think about. A good rule of thumb here is to make sure that even when chairs are pulled out from the table, the front two legs are still on the rug.

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  1. I like the way you showed this with the pictures. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I'm Ho-Hum in the living and dining room! LOL, it's what works for us now, but will definitely be using these guides for any future purchases.
    Thanks for sharing! And that $50 rug was definitely a steal, it looks FAB!

  3. Thanks for all the pictures and different ways to place rugs. I tend to go for the Ho-Hum or good...probably because I don't want to spend the thousands of dollars that would be big enough to accomodate the furniture. I love that you bought a rug for only $50...awesome find!!

  4. Love this and especially the pictures to show us! Pinned!

  5. These are a great visual! Thanks so much!

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  8. Thanks, this is great! I've always believed that the "Best" options would be the proper placement. Now, I have ammunition for debate over this with hubby. Now, I'm going to Craigslist to try and find a screaming deal like what you found.

  9. Looks gorgeous! I may or may not fall in the ho hum category only because my rug is tiny, but I love it. I recently wrote a post on vacuuming tips for oriental rugs. I would love it if you check it out.


  10. This was a very good area rug article. What a difference the size of the rug makes! I am definitely the Ho-Hum in the dining room and best in the living room.

    I am stopping by to let you know the Friday Fun Party is back. I miss you at the party! :)
    Happy almost Friday Kristi.

  11. Great post! We are looking to get a bunch of new rugs eventually, and it is so hard to wait and save for the big sizes, but worth it I think. You're right though, ho hum is tempting!


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