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{Guest Post: Suzanne Winter from Winter Wonderings} Personalized Ornament

Hi, I'm Suzanne Winter- from Winter Wonderings, Wanderings, and Whatnot. I know, that is a mouthful - so you can just say Winter Wonderings, or Winter W3, or that W obsessed lady.  I have three babies - twin boys A&B who are 20 months old and Baby girl who is 6 months old.  Yep, that is 3 babies 14 months apart.  Life is crazy to say the least, but I love it and I love them.  Sewing/Crafting are part of what keep me sane, ang quite often the reason my floors aren't clean - so it is very appropriate that I find myself guest posting here at I should be mopping...

So baby girl has  'unique' name.  I confess, it is a name I made up in high school in a creative writing class.  But I have loved the name ever since, and when I told my hubs(then boyfriend) that Mackabrie was my one and only girl name for future children - his response was 'I LIKE IT'.  Phew, set!  Of course then I had twin boys and really didn't expect more children for a LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNG time (if ever).  Sometimes God has other plans.  At least when we found out it was a girl, the one thing we didn't have to figure out was the name.

But having a unique name - particularly a made up name, means that baby girl will never find customized things with her name at craft shows, pit stops, or anywhere that doesn't do customization.

Thank goodness for craftiness!!!

I saw gorgeous monogrammed ornaments on Etsy and just knew that there had to be an easy way to create something at home.

While perusing the aisles at Micheal's, I saw these glitter letters and KNEW that they would be perfect!!!

So here is quite possibly the EASIEST project you can possibly do all season.

Start with a plain ornament (I used a large satin finish brown glass ornament, but plastic works just as well, and isn't breakable!!!)

I marked the center of my ornament with a piece of scotch tape so that I would have a straight line to line my letters up against.

Attach your letters along the top edge of your tape

Leave any hanging letters with the bottom loose so that you can peel your tape off.

Admire your gorgeous customized ornament.

Now if you want to go a step further... you can make a pretty pearl hanger for your ornament.

Take thread (or thin fishing line), thread it through your needle, double it over an tie a knot at the bottom.

Thread your pearls onto the needle - I used 30 of the medium sized from my assorted pearl crafting beads. (these things are great, you get small, medium and large of both cream and silver pearl beads - I've already made a necklace and have plans for another necklace and a bracelet as part of my Handcrafted Christmas series.)

Thread your pearls through the hanger on your ornament (with the needle still attached)

Run the needle through the two threads at the knotted end.

Loop your needle back through the first pearl above the knot, repeat, tie your threads together and cut the tails.

Hang on your tree!!!

This is such an easy project that you could cover your whole tree with customized ornaments!

Have fun, and most importantly: Have a Merry Christmas!

Thanks so much for joining me today, Suzanne! Suzanne's blog is just precious. She is an AMAZING seamstress...I am in awe of all of her projects {especially the sewing ones}. Some of my favorites are:

yes...that jacket started out as a sheet!!

Stop by Winter Wonderings, Wanderings and Whatnot and say hello to Suzanne! 
You'll be VERY inspired!


  1. What a great idea! My older daughter has a slightly unique name, too - Annelise. I know I will never find her name on anything. And the pearl hanger makes it really special. So pretty!

  2. Thanks again for having me Kristi - and for featuring some of my other projects too!!! It is a blast being here ;o)

  3. The ornaments are beautiful!! I'm definately going to do this with our family. It adds that personal touch!! Thanks a bunch :)

  4. Those personalized ornaments are gorgeous.