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{Easy Christmas Craft}: Tabletop Trees

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to my craft group: the Hot Glue Hotties.
This was our craft from November. It is super easy and can be customized for any decor.

As you can see, we all did our own style and they each came out great!

You'll need:
  • styrofoam cone base {can use green or white}, the size is up to you...but the larger you get in these cones, the more fragile they are and difficult to work with {and 99% of the time, the tops break off when they are taller}.
  • scrapbook or plain paper {for the larger size that you see pictured above, I used six sheets of paper, for the smaller one, I used four}. You can mix and match or even do all one pattern/color. 
  • floral pins {you can use straight pins, but sometimes the head goes right through the paper...floral pins are available at craft stores...usually with the floral styrofoam}
  • ribbon
  • hot glue

 I used a paper cutter, but it isn't required.

I cut my paper into one inch strips.

And then cut the strips into 2 1/2" lengths.
Your final strips will each be 1x2.5 inches.

Start by hot gluing your ribbon around the bottom of your cone. The hot glue tends to melt the styrofoam, so just a little dab will do ya!

Roll up one end of your paper strip on a pencil to get the curled end.

Then pin into place...just above the ribbon. Continue all around the tree, in a straight{ish} line. Perfection is completely optional here...uniqueness is the way to go.
Crooked lines=character.

After you get the first row done, you can switch patterns if you're using more than one paper design.
Start your next row about 3/4 inch up from the previous row.
Just make sure to cover the pins from the previous row.

The narrow, top part of the cone can be a bit tricky. Try to push your pins in at an angle so they don't poke through to the other side. This was a bit of trial, error and poked fingers for me.

Once you get to the top, use another strip of ribbon to cover the pins. Just hot glue it in place as well.

We finished ours with jingle bells on top.
Several of the ladies did cute bows on top, too. LOVE that!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Those are as cute as can be! What a fun time that must have been!

  2. Very easy and cute! That's my kind of craft. Wish I could join your hot glue hotties club!

  3. these are so fun, I might have to try these out too!!

  4. Super cute and easy I love the idea of a craft group!

  5. Kristi! These are as cute as can be. I just made a bunch of styrofoam trees I will be blogging about soon. I also love your idea of a craft group, I'd have to offer lots of alcohol to even get 1/2 my friends to come...LOL

    Stop on over I am starting a blog social on Saturday and would for you to join us!

    Have a crazy beautiful weekend!

  6. Oh these are really cute, and I like the fact they're pinned, hot glue is my frenemy at the moment!

  7. These are so cute and fun!! What a great project to do with friends :)

  8. Super adorable! I was just thinking about doing this the other day with ribbon! But I like yours better! I would love if you would share this at my blog hop

  9. This is cute and very simple to do! I will be doing this next year!