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Pantry Overhaul

In the spirit of continuing on our kitchen redo, I tackled the pantry over the last two weeks {I didn't have huge chunks of time, so I spread it out...which left my kitchen quite chaotic the entire time}.
You may remember, I was going to stencil the walls, however our walls proved way too textured to handle stencils. Bummer.

This was the before....not awful, but not great. It had certainly gotten messy since the original organization over four years ago.

The small boxes my oils and stuff were in weren't practical...they weren't deep enough, so I used so many of them...making it look super crowded.

Oh, ack. This was the baking area...along with the bento stuff in the baskets that attached to the shelves. You can see they didn't fit and spilled onto the shelf above.

Started with paint...kind of rough since the shelves weren't removable.

I used my same "Oops Blue" that you've seen allover lots of projects in my home. 
I also painted the shelves white and used a laminate shelf lining to cover them for extra protection.

My dad and I built crates {six for less than $30}. Click here to see the full tutorial. This is a project anyone could tackle!

I also painted and weathered them. 

I labeled the crates. You can download these same labels for free here.

After the crates were in place, I reorganized and refilled the pantry.
The above two crates were full of Bento items. I use them so much that I wanted them easily accessible.

I used empty Crystal Light containers for all of my cutters and other Bento supplies.

On the floor, my baskets have larger items and overflow Ziplocs/wrap stuff.
The bottom shelf houses baking and breakfast supplies.

The baking supplies are in the crate, while my flours {coconut & almond} are behind the Oatmeal and bars. {Along with marshmallows and bulk oats}.

Besides the crates, most of the items I used to organize I already had on hand. Those little baskets for the breakfast bars and oatmeal were purchased years ago from Southern Living at Home. They make it nice to instantly see what we need.

I did purchase the clear cereal boxes for this makeover. I bought the ones from Walmart that were less than $4 each. That little basket on the left with pancake stuff {along with its matching companion one on another shelf holding pasta} were from Gooseberry Patch, about ten years ago.

The "Biscuits" container holds overflow bars....we LOVE Trader Joe's, but the nearest one is 2 1/2 hours away in Fort Worth, so we stock up when we go! Those Peanut Butter & Oat Bars are my boys' favorites!
The container itself has been with me for nearly 12 years...that and the "Bread" ones were both from Restoration Hardware {I think they were purchased at their first store that opened in Austin}.

Canned goods on shelf risers from Dollar Tree! So cheap and so functional.

Since the risers were from Dollar Tree, I doubled them to make sure they withstood the weight of all of those cans!

I kept my snack containers in the same ones from's a system that works for us. These were purchased over four years ago, also at Dollar Tree.
The longer crate at the top is for chips and snack overflow.

Another new addition is the two Lazy Susans. LOVE these!! They're perfect for all of my bottled items. I bought the BIG ones over at Bed, Bath & Beyond {they're the 18" ones}.

The "Bread" box at the top holds all of my paper goods.

At the very top, towards the right are my crock pot and ice cream maker. I moved the cookbooks to the spare bedroom's closet {with the diet we're on, I don't use too many of those point in keeping them there}.

So far, this is functioning great for us!

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  1. I have Pantry ENVY! I love the crates you and your dad built. Great job on your overhaul!

  2. OMG- can I live in there? I see a little spot under the baggie station, yep I could fit right there! LOVE IT great great job!!

  3. Great revamp and LOVE the crates! would love to build something like that and put them on tracks in my pantry :o)

  4. Pantry reorganization never gets old. Looks great! I need to get my organizing mojo back.

  5. Very nice! And I love the hand-built wood creative brain is dreaming of all kinds of uses for those! Toy storage???


  6. ohh this brought me to my happy place :) i LOVE an organized pantry

  7. Oh my goodness... I'm so jealous - I have pantry envy. I wish I had a pantry. **sniff** **sniff**

  8. I just love those crates you guys built. Who says functional can't be beautiful? And the color makes it happy in there. :)

  9. I came over from Finding Fabulous. I LOVe how the pantry turned out! Great idea reusing Crystal Light containers. We go thru so many in our home. I should totally keep some and use to organize my daughters art supplies. It's all everywhere :/ Thanks for the tip!!!

  10. The pantry looks wonderful you did a great job :) I love an organized pantry!!!

  11. Your pantry is beautiful! I love the color you used! All the little details from the cute tags, the lovely bins and pretty wire baskets really finish this space off well! So pretty and so well organized! :)

  12. I love the new look and your blog. I'm your newest follower! I'm at if you have time. Blessings, Sarah

  13. The crates are fabulous! So clever. Get that tutorial up asap!

  14. Looks great the great are fabulous!

  15. I think you did a great job. Love the blue on the walls, the new wooden crates and the overall asthetics. The lazy susans are not only functional but they look great in the corners. Really GREAT job!

    If I might make three suggestions...1) Add black letters to the white crates instead of the hanging labels-it would give a more graphic touch and stand out more. I am thinking some kind of word with black spray paint via a stencil; not sure how to describe it, lol. 2) Take those same pretty labels you had on the crates and use them or something like them on the cereal boxes. And finally, I'd use covered baskets for the two bins on the floor.

  16. I am so jealous of all of that beautiful pantry space! Love it, and can't wait to see the crate tutorial - visiting from Funky Junk... Rhonda @ home.made.

  17. Wow looks good, you have inspired me to do my own. New to your blog from the show and tell party look forward to your posts. I'm new to blogging really I'm trying to make some friends :-)

  18. Hi, Kristi! Wow! What a fantastic pantry makeover! I love what you did with the crates. I'm definitely going to have to steal that little gem. (among others) Stopping by from Saturday Show & Tell and newly following you via GFC, FB, Pinterest & Twitter. Thanks for the inspiration! ~Mary

  19. L.O.V.E. those adorable crates and can't wait to see the tutorial. The whole thing is just fabulous!

  20. Agree, this looks terrific, great j0b! :-)

  21. Beyond fabulous. I don't have a pantry and not much storage and it's high time for my cabinets to get a cleaning and organizing. You have inspired me!

  22. I have visited several times and keep finding myself clicking on your posts from link up parties! I am going to be smart and start following your blog! The pantry looks awesome!

  23. I just LOVE the fact that you did an ombre paint job for the shelves... What a great finishing touch!!

    I would love it if you would link up at Martha Mondays, open now through Wednesday night!


  24. Your pantry makeover is amazing. You have inspired me to put this on my to-do list for winter. Cheers.

  25. GREAT JOB, I love the crates too. One day I will tackle my pantry... one day. Winks, jen

  26. Hello, new follower here! I would love to have you link up with my Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!
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  27. Oh my gesh! Beautiful pantry. I am totally jealous right now. It looks great. I co-host a weekly link up every week. It starts on Tuesday and runs through Thursday. I would love to have you link this up, and any other things you would like, if you have time. Have a great week. I hope to see you at the party.

  28. Looks great! Thanks for linking up on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you'll be back again this week with more great stuff.

  29. Thanks so much for linking to make the Scene Monday, you are being featured tonight!!!

  30. You were certainly organized before, but now your pantry is organized AND lovely. I, too, have pantry envy. And you'd better keep an eye on the bread and biscuit boxes because I'm coveting them!

  31. It's a beautifully organised space! I love the lazy Susans and those crates are GORGEOUS!

  32. I found you through a Pinterest link. Great job on the pantry redo! I love the crates you and your Dad made together. That may be one of my next projects.

  33. LOVE the details! (Found you on Six Sisters Stuff)

  34. This is fantastic! I just found your blog through "Finding Fabulous" and I love it! I just posted my kitchen makeover this eve as part of my 31 Days series and the pantry is on my list too! Thanks for the great post!!
    ~ Claire at ALittleClaireification

    1. PS: The wooden crates are beautiful!!

  35. Beautiful! The paint is so pretty - I bet it makes a difference in the way you feel when you use the pantry.

  36. Ooo! I do love your pantry - you've done a great job there! I've got this linked to my roundup post of blogger pantries too today!

  37. Now THAT is a pantry!!! I so wish I had the space for this. Love the lazy susans in the corner and the boxes that you made. Where did you get your Bread tin? I have been looking for one of those everywhere! Thanks so much for linking up!
    Jenn :)

  38. Looks gorgeous! I have to check out your crate project, those are sooo cute!

  39. I am definitely neglecting my work right now.... But it is worthwhile! This pantry is awesome! It's very do-able and fits my style. Love the fun boxes. Thanks for sharing.

  40. You make your home pantry very beautiful and organized. All the kitchen utensils used by you are very graceful and of good quality. This renovation completely change the look of your pantry i am also thinking to do a similar change in my pantry. I appreciate your work.....Thanks for this WOW post.........
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