In Our Lunch Box This Week {No. 11} | i should be mopping the floor
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In Our Lunch Box This Week {No. 11}

Only a few creations to show this week. I'm repainting/reorganizing my pantry so my kitchen is so chaotic right now...we bought more than we brought in terms of school lunches this week.

{Driving Me Batty}
The first Halloween Bento of the season...I scored the bat sandwich punch on clearance at my HEB store last week {for $.50...yee & haw, y'all}, also included are grape tomatoes, grapes and pita poppers. He also had a Greek yogurt in his lunch box. I bought the pumpkin silicone container last year at Hobby Lobby. 

{Easy Peasy}
Sandwich on bread round {cut in half and stacked}, yogurt covered fruit pieces {found at Trader Joe's in their goody area}, strawberries, grape tomatoes, celery and peanut butter for dipping.

{Another no-brainer}
I feel like my bentos are getting a little ho-hum lately...I know this since a lot of the food is still in the container when they're brought home. This one contains a sandwich on a bread round {cut in half and stacked}, string cheese, strawberries, "S'more Smasher" {another indulgent treat from the goody area at Trader Joe's}, Special K Chip-Crackers {my mom bought these and didn't care for we "inherited" a box of them}, grape tomatoes.

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  1. I love the bat! Following you on Instagram now Kristi :)

  2. I love the bat sandwich - my four year old would be thrilled. Thanks for the inspiration! :)