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DIY Monogram Door Mat {made in less than one hour!}

I've been looking for *the right* door mat forever. I found one the other day in Sky Mall {in a weird way, I'm addicted to browsing Sky Mall...don't ask}...but it was $149. It was in Sky Mall for crying out loud, of course it was $149.

 My quest centered around the fact that I needed a w-i-d-e mat. Not a double one for double-door entries...but an oversized one to at least span the opening of my storm door plus a little overhang {because I'm an overhang kinda girl}.

So, I realized I'd have to make one myself to spare the one-raised-eye-brow the husband would give me if Sky Mall's Sunburst Coco Mat suddenly appeared on my doorstep. Even he knows Sky Mall pricing. Ri-DONK-u-lous, people.

I've got to tell you, this was the perfect project for me...and I had not idea what it would turn out like! But, let me highlight the AWESOMENESS this was:

  • I made this puppy in UNDER one hour!!
  • I didn't spend a dime {take that, Sky Mall}. I had all of my materials around the house. 
  • The level of difficulty was minimal. Minimal.
  • This didn't need any special "equipment" to make. We are a vinyl and Cricut-free household...and this was made without those fancy schmancy machines. {Don't get me wrong, I'm totally jealous of all of you stinkers who own one of those}.

For my base of my mat, I used my leftover vinyl flooring. I know you probably don't have three boxes of plank floors sitting under your bed like I do. There's LOTS of other things you could use for a base. I found the above click & lock stuff at Ikea for less than $20 a box {and you'll only use 1/4 of a box for this}. You can also purchase vinyl plank flooring by the box at Lowe's or Home Depot...again they are between $20-$30 per box and you'll only need a quarter of the box}. The possibilities are endless. As you probably know, my vinyl planks are from Metroflor

These are floating floors that I have, so they just lock together with those sticky gray strips you see. They are super sticky...they're not coming apart anytime soon.

I did not stagger my seams like you normally do when using this as flooring {not matting...matting?}. I intentionally lined them up together like you'd see on a teak floor mat. I also used my box cutter to score and break off that extra grip strip running on the bottom and left side of the mat in the photo above.

I printed a large "D" just in Word on the largest number I could get it. I used contact paper that I traced and cut my D out of.

Contact Paper D

I also used the grid on the back of my contact paper to cut out strips to go around the D.

I peeled the backing off of the contact paper and adhered my monogram to the planks. I wanted a reverse paint job, so I knew I'd have to cover the rest of the mat as well.

I left a one inch border around the smaller border and attached more contact paper all over the rest of the planks to avoid overspray.

I then sprayed light coats of white spray paint. It took about three coats...and I let it dry for about 5 minutes between coats. I then went over the spray paint with the clear spray paint sealer that I found multiple cans for in the garage {weird}.

Then I peeled off all of the contact comes off so easily! 

While this isn't a mat in the sense that you'll wipe your muddy boots on it, it still serves its purpose. We're in Texas, and let's be honest...not a lot of mud, rain or snow to wipe off around here. Plus I have a large rug in the entryway just inside my door that has more "tooth" to catch debris.

Overhang. YES! 


  1. Genius idea!! I'm in love with this and might need to make a new fall door mat;)) thanks for sharing! I just went to Habitat for Humanity ReStore (amazing stuff) and you can pick up a box of this for $10!! Just FYI for others that don't have it hanging around their house in boxes, lol! That stuff seems to come in handy around your place;))

  2. I totally get the overhang thang. I have a wimpy indoor rug outside my front door, left by the previous owner. I have had zero motivation to do anything about that ugly thing.

    You've inspired me though. I do have some old fence boards lying around here, and I know of a biscuit cutter with my name on the check-out sheet. Methinks I might just have a project for the weekend!

  3. What a stellar doormat! I, too live in a Cricut free household with no fancy cutting machines (but am super jealous of those who own them, as well.) so that part made me giggle. but seriously, i love that you whipped this up in such a flash. and the supplies/skill level may be minimal, but the creativity and expensive-looking quality of this piece are off the craft charts!


  4. love this and I love that you didn't use any fancy equipment either;). that of which i do not have in my house. it has such great impact, the perfect hello to all who come over!

  5. This is fabulous! Pinning to do later. Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  6. It looks very nice and there is no comparison from before and after! Great job and way to use what you had for this amazing project :)

  7. Shut it-- really?! You are Something...Clever Lady right here-- Krisiti is One Clever Gal, yes you are! I am IN love with your mat..really looking nice and fresh- and super pretty! NICE WORK!!

  8. so cute! when me & the husband bought our place there were piles of floating floor in one of the rooms. We plan to put all new floating floor down but are keeping the extra piles, not sure what for. This is a great project I could easily do with some of the extra flooring! :) smart.

  9. Wow, such a cool idea! I never would have thought of using old wood floor pieces!

  10. Love it! Such a great idea. Perfect for gifts too!

  11. Love it! Looks fantastic. :) Thanks for linking up at Friday Fun Party. Have a nice weekend!

  12. Total genius! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  13. This is the most fabulous mat I have ever seen!
    In one word: WOW!


  14. Kristi, you are a genius! This is just awesome. The whole thing! And I wanted to let you know that I featured you at the party this week :) I hope you'll stop by to check it out!