i should be mopping the floor: Why I Love Essential Oils
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Why I Love Essential Oils

I have a love (okay, obsession) in my life. It makes me feel amazing. It's done away with most of my medicine cabinet and it's given me a confidence that I haven't had in a long time. It's Essential Oils, y'all! And they're changing my life and my family's lives. Here's why I love Essential Oils...

Why I Love Essential Oils | A simple guide to starting with essential oils.
I've been using Young Living Essential Oils for a while now. And I'd love for you to have that same awesome OILY experience...

I started getting interested in essential oils last spring. I had a few friends using them here and there and my curiosity was definitely peaked. But, to be honest...it sounded a bit cray-cray, too, y'all. 

I mean, I'm not totally crunchy...just kind of crunchy-soggy. Know what I mean? 
And essential oils seemed just the other side of the line of crunchy-soggy. 

Why I Love Essential Oils | A simple guide to starting with essential oils.

But, y'all, I've struggled with schtuff. Like, I'm a cancer survivor...it's left its own variety of baggage for me to deal with (sans thyroid, too). And because of my cancer, I was overweight (okay...cancer and ice cream). I had a lack of energy, lack of motivation (at times) and struggled with bouts of depression and major anxiety (thank you, cancer...for most of that). I also have an Autistic son who shares my "love" for anxiety.

But I started reading how others were using Young Living Essential Oils to combat so many of these things. And soon, my starter kit was on its way to me!

I started with a basic kit and started seeing some incredible things happening...like immediately. It's hard to explain exactly how it works. But, I do want to show you all my FAVES and tell you why I love them all so much and how they work for me.

Why I Love Essential Oils | The 10 Oils I Can't Live Without
By far, I use the oils from the starter kit I purchased more than anything. And then the above ten...they're the frosting on my cake, I tell ya, {four of these are actually apart of the starter kit, but I just love them that much}>>>

1. Peppermint: I have three bottles of back up...if that tells you how much I love this one. I use it for headaches, nausea and to wake myself up. I also use it for IBS issues. It calms down my tummy fast. I apply it to my belly when the need arises. It gets applied to my head for headaches, and to my temples for wake ups.

2. Motivation: the name says it all. This one works on a physical level for me (not always just computer-type work...more like house cleaning and exercising). I use it in the morning, before my workout, and it makes me not want to stop (which is weird...I'm not like that). I use it to clean house and get things done around here. It does make me clean out a lot of things and work in a manner that makes me wonder how I completed so much in so little time. Another oily friend pointed out that it feels like time stands still when she uses it. Another pointed out that this oil makes her throw a lot of stuff away...LOL. It somehow works slightly different for different people. But, it's one I just LOVE the heehaw out of.

3. Di-Gize: Another tummy helper. Perfect for IBS problems and all the other tummy fun in the world. Do you remember how I used to have my family consuming grape juice by the truck load to prevent the tummy bug? I haven't bought a single bottle of grape juice since becoming oily. I mean...WOW. For a self proclaimed emetophobe to admit that...well, that's just HUGE.

4. Thieves: Another one that's perfection for germaphobes (we should have a club, y'all). This one is my life line. If I could get it in a drip, I probably would. Just kidding. (Kind of.) I rub my kids down with it at bedtime to help clear out all the school germs they (no doubt) brought home that day. I also use it whenever I go out in public. If I feel something coming on, I place a drop under my tongue. If I have a cold, I make a hot tea with it and the cold is gone the next day. I diffuse this, I apply it topically, I ingest it...I love it.

5. Clarity: I diffuse Clarity when I work at the computer all day. Most of the time, I combine it with Peppermint to maximize my focus. It keeps me from fiddling around on Facebook all day. No joke.

6. Vetiver: This is one of the ones that helps us with anxiety the most. I use it on our big toes. My oldest and I love it so much. This is the first start of a school year where anxiety did not play a major role. No tears. No nerves. Just happiness about a new adventure.

7. White Angelica: A great one for introverts (that's me!). Helps give me some "distance" between me and all of the outside world. It makes me okay with being around people on a regular basis...and not need to rock myself in the corner. It works totally different on my husband. He loves it to help him focus on spiritual matters. He's not an introvert (opposites attract, right?). But, he prepares for Bible studies and stuff with this one.

8. Grapefruit: This is helping me on my weight loss. I add a couple of drops to my water and it totally curbs my appetite. I had already been losing weight prior to starting oils, but this just gave me a nice boost.

9. Stress Away: No explanation needed. It goes on the back of my neck. Daily. And, it gets diffused when the internet goes out...and we all feel the need to AHHHH-FREAK OUT because we're against deadlines. Good times.

10. RutaVala: Besides being super fun to say, this one helps with sleep. It's my slumber party in a bottle. My son uses it, too...it prevents him from getting up twenty (or a hundred) times to ask questions about anything and everything at night. Cedarwood is our other sleep help...but RutaVala seems to work best on me. I apply it to my feet because I don't love the smell. But, it works like a charm.

Why I Love Essential Oils | Simple Guide to Starting with Essential Oils
A great place to start with essential oils is the same place I did...with a starter kit! I ordered the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living when I first started. It served me so well and I've added many more amazing oils to it to both bless us and help us perform at our absolute best! 

Why did I choose Young Living over others? Simple: seed to seal. They're in charge of the entire process. That speaks volumes to me.

And why Young Living Essential Oils over ones from the grocery store? Well, Young Living Essential Oils are Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils that are of the utmost purest. I would never be okay with ingesting oils from the grocery store...but I know exactly where my Young Living Essential Oils are coming from and I trust their workmanship.

Why I Love Essential Oils | Simple Guide to Starting with Essential Oils
If you have any questions, I'd love to chat more with you. Drop me an email here (use "Essential Oils" in the subject so I see it right away!). The above photo are the usual oils that are in our Premium Starter Kit. It also comes with a diffuser, a bottle of Stress Away (with a roll-on applicator) and several more fun things. The wholesale membership, when purchasing a Premium Starter Kit, is also a must...it saves you a TON. You can purchase through me here (even though you click the box 'Wholesale Member', you never have to sell anything. It's just to get the good prices!).

Why I Love Essential Oils | Simple Guide to Starting with Essential Oils

If you order a Premium Starter Kit from me, I will also be sending you this free guide that I LOVE! My sponsor sent one to me when I originally signed up and it's been an incredible tool to use when using my oils. I read it like a novel, y'all. 

Thanks for indulging me a bit to share this really amazing thing with you. There's not enough space in this blog post to tell you the hundreds of ways essential oils are changing my life...but I can tell you, I haven't felt this incredible in at least 15+ years! It's good to feel good again.

I am not a doctor. These are just some of my experiences and things I've learned while using essential oils for myself and my family. It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat or cure. It is your responsibility to educate yourself and address any health or medical needs with your physician.