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3 Free Dog Printable Designs

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These dog printable designs came about in a funny little way. But, I'm so happy that they did. These three furry friends will warm their way right into your heart and onto your walls. Download your favorite dog printable below.

Dog Printable
When we did the Reader Survey last week, I had a lot of requests for printables outside of the summer-series theme I'm currently working on. One of the most popular requests was a dog printable. Not cat. Not bird. But, dog printable came up multiple times. And since I'm definitely a dog person, I was completely on board. However, if you are wanting another animal design in the future, be sure to let me know in the comments and I'll put it on my list for after the Summer Printable Series.

Grab your favorite version of this dog printable below...there are loads of options!

31 Free Summer Printables

We're about to dive into summer head-first with this year's 31 Free Summer Printables coming at you all month long in June. From gift tags to banners to classic watercolor prints, I'm super excited to share this new series with you. Check out below how to get in on these free summer printables. 

Summer Printables
If you stop by I Should Be Mopping the Floor regularly, you may already be familiar with how fun one of our series can be. I will be running the summer one just like the Christmas Printable Series, as well as our original Fall one.

This time around we're doing 30 Days of Free Summer Printables, as voted on by the readers. But, with today's printable you'll get, it comes to a total of 31 prints in all...perfect for heading into the warmer season of summertime. See all of the details and sign up for all of these summer freebies below.

15+ Vintage Bird Prints

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These Vintage Bird Prints took me a while to put together...but I think they were well worth the wait. I really am happy with how they turned out. I decided to go background-free on this pack to really make those birds stand out. Hoping you enjoy these printables, too.

Vintage Bird Prints
These vintage-feeling bird printables are perfect for any kind of decor. They're designed to be displayed together or each on their own (or just a few at a time!). Each design is available in both 5x7" and 8x10" sizes as well as both JPEG and PDF formats. Each bird is labeled with their name in a fun, vintage-typewriter font. Detailed printing instructions are included as well.

You can purchase this entire set for $5 (the price will go back up to $10 next week) here in my shop or directly through the button below. Or, scroll down to see each and every print included. 

Click Here to Purchase these Bird Printables

Free Welcome Printable

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There is no rhyme, reason, or holiday theme to today's designs. I was just kind of wanting a simple Welcome Printable for my own entryway. So, you know...I made three. Seems about right. You can see all three versions of this Welcome Printable below and download the size and format that best works for you. 

Welcome Printable
In all honesty, a great deal of the designs here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor start out as things I design for my own home or life. And then I try to expand on them so others can enjoy them, too (I mean, that's the hope, right?). My entryway has been a little ho-hum since I put all of my Easter bunnies away, so I thought a folksy-type of printable might be a nice treat for the space. While we're not exactly entertaining the masses right now, at least we can feel welcome when we walk into the space. And, this is a non-seasonal specific design that will probably be in my entryway until who knows when! I made three of these Welcome Printable designs. I hope one works for you, as well.

Ethan Allen Console Table Makeover

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In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, I gave my mother's 1980's Ethan Allen Console Table a little makeover. I remember going to the showroom to select this table with her when I was a little kid. It brings me a lot of joy to have it back out and being used again. See how I made it over, as well as restyled it, below.

Oh, and it's Thrifty Style Team Day! This Ethan Allen Console makeover is just one of several fun and thrifty ideas listed out below.

Ethan Allen Console
While my mom would probably think my hot pink direction for this table is a bit questionable, at best, I do think she'd love the fact that we're using it again. Honestly, in the end, she always did enjoy my "wild ideas", even if they were a bit out of her comfort zone. See how this table started out, below.