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Cheerful Spring Wallpapers

These new free Cheerful Spring Wallpapers are ready to take us into March with options for warmer weather hues and patterns. These new designs are sure to make you ditch your puffer coat and put on a fun spring outfit (weather permitting, of course!). Download Cheerful Spring Wallpapers below.
Spring Wallpapers
Who is ready for a refresh (well, on your device screen, at least)? Today's new (free) cheerful spring wallpapers are ready to usher us into the next season...with fun spring colors and patterns. Download your favorite version below.

Free Cheerful Spring Wallpapers

Cheerful Spring Wallpapers

There are actually two different designs this month (featured throughout today's post). There is a floral-filled one and a spring-colored plaid one. Both are perfect for the incoming season.

Free Cheerful Spring Wallpapers
I offer a calendar version of this springtime wallpaper for computers (pictured above). Due to size limitations, I only offer it for computers.

Free Spring Computer Wallpaper
The computer designs are also available without the calendar option, as well (as pictured above). I actually prefer this version since it eliminates a lot of desktop clutter (since I already have a number of files and such on my screen).

Free Cheerful Spring Wallpaper

Installing on an iPhone or iPad

Wallpapers for Spring
I know not everyone has an iPhone or iPad (I do provide Android sizes, too), I actually am an Apple (IOS) user and am able to share how I change wallpapers on my device. However, if you happen to be an Android user, be sure to check out this simple-to-follow tutorial on Changing Wallpaper on an Android from Insider. I'm sharing below how to change to this springish wallpaper on your IOS or Apple device, since that's what I know best.

Free iPhone Wallpapers
  • Start by downloading the cheerful spring wallpaper design for your specific device below. I like to download directly on my device. If you can't to download directly to your device, download the wallpaper to your computer and email the wallpaper design to yourself to open on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Once the image downloads onto my phone, I select it and then click that arrow with a box, pictured in the above image labeled 1.
  • Then I select "Save Image" (pictured above labeled 2).
  • This will automatically save the image to my photo roll, which is my phone's default as to where images end up. If your phone is set up with a different default, you'll need to access it there.
  • Locate your new saved image. Select it and then select that boxed arrow once again that should appear in the bottom left of your screen. 
  • Scroll down and select the option to "Use as Wallpaper". Your device should prompt you to decide which screen (home screen, lock screen, or both) to use it on. After making your selection, you should be ready to go with a new spring-filled screen!

Download Your Cheerful Spring Wallpapers:

Wallpaper Patterns

Both designs are pictured above. The one on the left is the floral wallpaper. The one on the right is the plaid wallpaper.

Wallpapers for Your Computer:

Wallpapers for Your Tablet:

Wallpapers for your Android Phone:

Wallpapers for your iPhone 15:

Wallpapers for your iPhone 14:

Wallpapers for Your iPhone 13:

Wallpapers for Your iPhone 12:

Wallpapers for Your iPhone 11:

Wallpapers for Your iPhone 8:

iPhone Wallpapers

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