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Free Preppy Christmas Wreath Printable

This post for a free Christmas Wreath Printable contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are clicked, at no additional cost to you.

'Tis the season for  a snazzy free Christmas Wreath Printable. Today's design features a horizontal print that is perfect for mantels, countertops, and more. It's a great way to integrate a modern holiday vibe into your decor. Plus, there are multiple sizes and formats available with this design. Download yours below.
Free Preppy Christmas Wreath Printable
If you're in need of a fun and preppy Christmas printable, I've got you covered. Today's design is a bit on the Chinoiserie feel of things...with loads of preppy fun for everyone! Download yours below.

Preppy Christmas Wreath Printable

So, in all honesty, I truly just designed this for my personal use...on my mantel as you can see in these photos. But, my friend and neighbor insisted that I needed to share this design with all of you. I'm honestly a bit picky with the designs I share...because we all don't have the same tastes at all the time. But, since my friend insisted, I shared this one (although, I feel a bit vulnerable with this particular piece).

Preppy Christmas Printable
As you can probably tell, it was specifically created for my own living room, in all its hot pink glory!

Free Christmas Wreath Printable

Preppy Holiday Printable
Because it was originally created for my own mantle, today's printable comes in extended size options. Available below are:
  • 5x7" printables
  • 8x10" printables
  • 20x30" printables

I used the 20"x30" on my mantel, as you'll see in these photos. I used same-day printing through my local Walgreens for great results.

About these Size Options:

  • The 5x7" and 8x10" printables also have JPEG options. For the 5x7" JPEG, you can print at home or upload to your local photo-printing place. 
  • The PDF 5x7" version has two images per sheet, for less paper waste.
  • You can print these all at home, or upload to your local print center (I used Walgreens for same-day pick up of my poster sizes).

Christmas Wreath Printable
The horizontal aspect of this Christmas Wreath Printable makes the perfect statement piece.

Size Options

Since I created this for my personal mantel, there are several size variations available. I used the largest options, then trimmed for my particular frame. The sizes available are:
  • 5x7" JPEG or PDF
  • 8x10" JPEG or PDF
  • 20"x30" JPEG or PDF
Please note that the 5x7" PDF design has two designs per reduce paper waste.

Download Your Christmas Wreath Printable:

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