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Free Printable Lunchbox Back to School Jokes for Kids

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I love sticking notes in lunch boxes...but back to school jokes for kids are even more fun (a few smiles on those first days back are always a good thing). These silly little printable jokes definitely fit the bill. Download yours below.

Back to School Jokes for Kids
Whether your kiddo is heading to kindergarten or an older grade, a sweet reminder of home in the lunch box is always appreciated. Even my high schooler gets a kick out of these (in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way). And having a college kid this coming year, he might get a few lunch box jokes in a care package, too! If you love little surprises like this, be sure to download these new free printable lunchbox back to school jokes for kids below.

Printable Lunchbox Back to School Jokes

These printable jokes come in eight fun options! All include a cute school supply (or back to school item) as their graphic.
Back to School Jokes

Back to School Jokes for Kids 

The following are the eight jokes on these printable cards:
  • Why are math books always sad? They're full of too many problems.
  • Why do calculators make the best kind of friends? You can always count on them.
  • Who is always the leader of the school supplies? The ruler
  • Where are all the pencils going on their vacation this year? Pencil-vania
  • Why aren't scissors good for lots of detail work? They cut corners.
  • Why did the clock get asked to leave the library? Too much TOCKing.
  • What did the triangle say to the circle? You're pointless.
  • Why are all the library books the same color? They've been re(a)d.
A little cheesy and Dad-jokish? Absolutely. Guaranteed grins? I sure hope so. 

Free Printable Lunchbox Back to School Jokes for Kids

Printing these Back to School Jokes

  • Download these notes below. They're for personal use only. However, if you do own a small shop or business and would like to carry or use these items for marketing, you can purchase a commercial license here. Please note that digital redistribution is not allowed...the printed, physical products are the only items allowed to be resold with the commercial license.
  • Be sure to print your lunchbox notes on white, letter-sized cardstock for the best results.
  • These notes print with all eight designs on a page.
  • Once printed, cut each note out around the yellow border.
  • Tuck inside a lunchbox to send smiles to school!

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Download Your Free Lunchbox Jokes

Printable Lunch Box Jokes

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