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Early Fall Cottagecore Wallpaper for all Devices

These free early fall Cottagecore Wallpaper designs are the perfect pieces as we start the autumn transition. Won't it be nice to get a glimpse of fall when you turn on your screen? And the watercolor florals in their rose and honey tones are perfect as the weather gets a bit more crisp outside (here's hoping, right?). See both options of these cottagecore wallpaper designs below.

Cottagecore Wallpaper
I was recently showing my good friend these designs I was thinking about using for this month's wallpapers. She was like, "ohhh, they're so cottagecore". I told her I thought they were very shabby chic. And then she informed me that shabby chic was the 90s term for today's popular "cottagecore". So, I guess I like cottagecore. Whatever you call it, these new designs are perfectly cozy and ready for your home screens. Download your "cottagecore wallpaper" below. Or shabby chic. Your call.

Fall Cottagecore Wallpaper

Also, the jury is still out for the proper spelling of this new version of shabby chic. I think it *should* be cottage core (with the space), but after a lot of research, it seems the more used and more popular term is all one word: cottagecore. I'm just rolling with it. I'm already feeling out of touch knowing that my beloved shabby chic is apparently "so 90s". Sniff.

Cottage Core Wallpaper
And there are two designs of these fall wallpapers: the above is what I'm calling "honey tones". It's probably for those of you well into the autumn vibes. The other "rose tones" version is probably a bit more transitional, in its nature. It is perfect for those of you holding out until September 22 (the official first day of fall).

Calendar Wallpapers

September Desktop Calendar
Both the honey and rose computer versions of these early fall wallpapers have calendar options (pictured above). However, the calendar is only available for computers due to their smaller size.

Cozy Fall Desktop Wallpaper
And the computer options are also available without the calendar option. I actually prefer this sans-calendar version since it eliminates a lot of desktop clutter (since I already have a number of files and such on mine).

iPhone Boho Wallpaper

Instructions to Install on an IOS Device

Preppy iPhone Wallpaper

While I know not everyone has an iPhone or iPad (and I certainly provide Android sizes, too), I actually am an iPhone (IOS) user and am able to share how to change wallpapers on it. However, if you happen to an Android user, be sure to check out this simple-to-follow tutorial on Changing Wallpaper on an Android from Insider. I'm sharing below how to change to this fall-filled cottagecore wallpaper on your IOS or Apple device, since that's what I know best.

How to Install iPhone Wallpaper

  • Start by downloading the wallpaper design of your choice below (listed out by specific device type below). I can download directly on my device. If you can't to download directly to your device, download the wallpaper to your computer and email the wallpaper design to yourself to open on your phone or iPad.
  • Once the image downloads onto my phone, I select it and then click that arrow with a box, pictured in the above image labeled 1.
  • Then I select "Save Image" (pictured above labeled 2).
  • This will automatically save the image to my photo roll, which is my phone's default for where images end up. If your phone is set up with a different default, you'll need to access it there.
  • Locate your new saved image. Select it and then select that boxed arrow once again that should appear in the bottom left of your screen. 
  • Scroll down and select the option to "Use as Wallpaper". Your device should prompt you to decide which screen (home screen, lock screen, or both) to use it on. After making your selection, you should be ready to go with a new screen filled with a bit of fall goodness as we head into the new season!

Download Your Cottagecore Wallpaper:

Cottage Core Designs
Pictured above, the left wallpaper is the honey tones wallpaper and the one on the right is the rose tones.

Wallpapers for Your Computer:

Wallpapers for Your Tablet:

Wallpapers for Your iPhone 13:

Wallpapers for Your iPhone 12:

Wallpapers for Your iPhone 11:

Wallpapers for Your iPhone 8:

Wallpapers for Your iPhone 6-7:

Wallpapers for Your Android:

Preppy Wallpapers for iPhone

More Free Wallpapers

  • My readers love these free Sunflower Wallpapers. They are a perfect design for early fall. 
  • And my free Jewel Tone Wallpapers from last autumn would be perfect right about now. Their rich and vibrant colors really make me smile
  • With Lifted Hands has these sweet  wallpapers that are beautiful for any time of the year...even adorable coffee designs!
  • If you're in the market for another great floral vibe for your iOS device, be sure to check out these Flower Wallpapers from iGeeksBlog.
  • And I really like the different colors used in these Desktop Wallpapers from Design Love Fest. They're super modern with a bit of a boho feel.


  1. Love these! I was just looking for Fall/Autumn wallpapers. I love the calendar, too! Thank you!