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Free Printable Mother's Day Bookmarks

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These sweet and feminine free printable Mother's Day Bookmarks make a perfect gift (especially tucked into a good book). They're perfect for moms, friends, and even Mother's Day gifts from the classroom. There are three designs. Every time mom opens her book, she'll think of you. Download these bookmarks below.

Free Printable Mother's Day Bookmarks
If you need a sweet lil' something for your mom or friends this season, these free printable Mother's Day Bookmarks can't be beat. They're full of feminine florals that will certainly bring a smile when a book falls open to them. There are several simple options to dress these up a bit more, as well. See these Mother's Day designs below.

Free Printable Mother's Day Bookmarks

Mother's Day Printables
These sweet bookmarks come with all three designs on one page. So, they're easy to print and gift. 

The Happy Mother's Day one (pictured above) is perfect to give to anyone...I plan to give this design to my closest girl friends.

Mother's Day Bookmark Printables
I think the MOM bookmark is probably my favorite one!

How to Print and Gift these Bookmarks

Free Printable Bookmarks

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
Any way you gift these, mom will certainly appreciate them. My favorite way to give bookmarks is tucked into a good book. I have a few of my latest favorites listed below that are perfect for moms who enjoy reading.

Book Recommendations for Moms

Book Recommendations for Moms
If you have a mom who enjoys a good book, that's a great gift to give her. When my sons give me books, I have always really enjoyed their picks (and treasure that their thought went into a gift they knew I'd like). Below are some of the latest books I've read. I've found them to have characteristics that can universally be interesting to lots of others, as well...especially other moms!

The Journal of Hélène Berr

This is the nonfiction diary of a French Jewish woman revealing her daily life through the holocaust. Some have called her the "French Anne Frank". David Bellos translated this from its original French to English in such painstaking detail...and his notes are wonderful into even more insight to this journal. This is such a gripping book. It almost reads like a novel, but the resolution, of course, never comes...which means it can be painful and hard to read at times. Her love of music and literature and her way with words is really lovely. And her relationship with her sweet Maman really touched my heart (making it perfect for Mother's Day).

The Last Garden in England by Julia Kelly

If your mom enjoys gardening (especially with roses), this book is a delightful, light read that spans three time periods, but centers around one incredible garden (that hides some secrets in its lush greenery and florals). I love a book that ties together my two favorite pastimes: gardening and reading. This one definitely was perfect for that. 

Ordinary Grace by William Kent Kruger

My son actually got this one for me for Christmas and I absolutely loved it. It was so engrossing, and heart-wrenching, as well. Any mom would love it. This is a coming of age book for the main character, Frank, and the tragedies that hit his community and family one summer in New Bremen, Minnesota. The characters are so relatable and the 1960s atmosphere just oozes right out of the pages. It's a good one, for sure.

Sunflower Sisters by Martha Hall Kelly

This book is actually the third in the Lilac Girls series, which I can't recommend enough if you're a fan of historical fiction. This particular book centers around the Civil War (in contrast to the other two books centering around the World Wars). It was well-written and gripping with so many of its situations still relevant in today's climate. Definitely read Lilac Girls and Lost Roses prior to this one (or get Mom the entire three-book series here...perfect for summertime reading).

Companion Cards

Free Printable MOM Cards
Over on my other site, Print Pretty Cards, I have coordinating free printable Mother's Day greeting cards. The MOM version is pictured above, but there is an additional design, as well.

More Printable Bookmarks

Printable Bookmarks on Etsy
I also have three sets of colorful and fun bookmarks over in my Etsy Shop (pictured above). Feel free to check out:

Download the Free Mother's Day Bookmarks

Bookmark Printables

Free Printables for Mother's Day

More Mother's Day Printables


  1. Hi, Kristi: These bookmarks and matching cards are so pretty! My mum is no longer with us but I keep in touch with a few of her bestest friends and celebrate Like-A-Mother's Day every year. I know they will love these! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with the world, and I wish you a lovely Mother's Day with your family. Sending lots of hugs! Nancy

    1. Thank you so much for these kind words, Nancy. They absolutely warmed my heart. And yes, I'm like you and celebrate with some of my mom's friends, too (I've lost my mother, too). I'm so sorry for your loss, but thankful this day is still so special to you. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo, kristi