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21 Free Balloon Font Downloads

This post for 21 free Balloon Font downloads is POPPING in with lots of fun and playful cheer. There are the traditional "balloon-like" prints that all of us eighties kids could pen like nobody else. But, there are lots of fun, handwritten balloon-ish styles, available, as well. See all 21 of these Balloon Font options below.

Balloon Font Downloads
The third grade doodler that lives inside of me can't resist a good balloon font. They're such a throwback and always make me smile. But many of these typefaces aren't the signature, bulky, balloon lettering we all grew up with. Some of these are sleek, some bubbly, some hollowed out; but all are just plain fun. See all of these freebies below.

21 Free Balloon Font Downloads

While I know this is somewhat of a collection of celebration fonts, which I certainly have a lot of already, I seriously couldn't resist balloon typefaces. They're such a party in one little set of characters. And they add such personality to invitations, prints, and other creations. Just one little word of caution: try to use them sparingly, since they are such "show pieces". I did provide some ideas on pairing them together, but again, not too many at a time.
Balloon Font

Ways to Use a Balloon Font

Obviously, balloon fonts go hand in hand with all print-related party material, but they'd also be sweet in classroom settings, play rooms, and just fun signage, in general. Here are a few examples for you below.
21 Free Balloon Font Downloads

Invitations and Cards

Above, I created both a party invitation, along with a congratulatory card. Adding a variety of colors to these fonts takes them to a whole new level of party, don't you think? Below are the fonts I used on the above examples:
  • please join us for: Aloha Obelic (available below)
  • JUDY'S: Frisky Puppy (available below)
  • 75th birthday party: Aloha Obelic (available below)
  • party details: Frisky Puppy (available below)
  • I also created the multi colored dots (used as a decorative divider on the card) using the Frisky Puppy's period character several times in a row, with a space in between.

  • YOU DID IT!: Comic White Rabbit (available below)
  • congratulations: Tiny Air Balloons (available below)
On the congratulatory card, I did add color to the empty spaces in Comic White Rabbit. If you use either Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, simplify the text layer and then you can add color using the paint bucket tool.

Free Balloon Fonts

Cut Files and SVGs

Above, I share how you can make a fun craft (in this case a birthday shirt) by turning some of these fonts into cut files for your Cricut or Silhouette. I can think of so many things I'd love to put some fun balloon lettering on! Below are the fonts I used in the above shirt:
  • birthday: Balloon Bash (available below)
  • GIRL: Alloy Ink (available below)

Installing Your Balloon Fonts

While I, myself, and a Mac user (I sadly know nothing of how a PC works), I found all of you PC friends a handy font installation guide for PC users here on Wikihow that can definitely help in that department.

To install these new free fonts on your Mac, you can follow my own tutorial below:
How to Install Fonts

Installing Fonts on Your Mac:

  • After you have download your new balloon font, locate it in your download folder (or wherever it is that you've downloaded your font to).
  • Now, open the folder of the font (there may not be one, it may just be the actual file, in which case, you won't have to open a folder).
  • Double click the .ttf or .otf file (I prefer .otf. or Open Type Format files if they're available. They can be resized or manipulated without compromising any of the font's quality. But, they're not always available.).

Free Balloon Fonts
  • After you've double clicked the .ttf or .otf file, a dialog box should automatically pop up.
  • Click the 'Install Font' button (as pictured above) and your installation will automatically begin (it only takes just a few seconds for the entire install). 
  • Now, check your Font Book (located in your applications folder) to make sure it's there and you can start using your new font immediately.

Download Your Balloon Fonts Below

All of these font downloads are listed out individually below. Please make note of:
  • Click on the name of each font to be taken to their download pages. There is also a link provided directly under each font, as well.
  • On each font's download page, you will find the Terms of Use provided by the font's designer. Make sure to strictly adhere to their policies, especially where commercial usage is concerned.
  • I also added a "Balloons make everyone happy" phrase under every font name so you can see how the font looks with more letters than the ones in its name. 
  • Happy Downloading!
Bubblegums Font

More Fonts for Celebrating:

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