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Welcome Back to School Printables

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Several of you requested Welcome Back to School Signs for your classroom. Today's prints are perfect for just that! And not only do they work in classrooms, but they're great for back-to-school breakfasts, homeschool spaces, and more. Download your favorite version of this Welcome Back to School printable below.

Welcome Back to School
When designing today's printables, I started over umpteen times. I have a habit of overly complicating things very quickly...and that's the path I kept going down. But, as I backed off of the elaborate corners and backgrounds, a simple little sign appeared. And, I decided to keep it that way. Sometimes simple is best, right? I definitely think that rings true in a school environment. So, grab your simple Welcome Back to School printables below.

Welcome Back to School Printables

For years, I've shared a number of First Day of School Printables that were specifically for use in those classic first day photos all of us parents enjoy taking. But, I think I'll round out the back-to-school fun with today's Welcome Back to School printables that are designed to be used in a bit of a different manner. From framing one of these on your dining table for that inaugural breakfast on the big day to having one of these in your classroom or front office at your school, these are a cheerful way to welcome kids back.
Welcome Back to School Printable

Welcome Back to School Designs

These free printables (with fun schoolish type) come in the following designs:
  • pencil border
  • crayon border
And they're both available in the following designs and formats:
  • 5x7" JPEG
  • 5x7" PDF (comes with two designs per page, to reduce paper waste)
  • 8x10" JPG
  • 8x10" PDF

Free Welcome Back to School Printable

How to Use these Welcome Back to School Printables:

  • Download all of these freebies through the links listed out below the following image.
  • Again, these printables come in the following sizes:
    • 8x10" PDF or JPEG
      • The JPEG version is perfect to print like an image or photo. And it's best to upload it to your favorite photo-printing place.
      • The 8x10" PDF format is ideal for simple, at-home printing. I actually lay the design out onto a letter-sized page (8.5"x11") to make it easier to print.  Just print onto a letter-sized piece of white cardstock, trim, and frame.
    • 5x7" JPEG or PDF
      • The 5x7" JPEG (just like the 8x10" JPEG) is designed to be printed just like a photograph. You can even upload it to your local print shop to save a bit of ink.
      • The 5x7" two-to-a-page PDF format is designed for easy, at-home printing onto cardstock. This design has two of the images on it. This is helpful if you're printing a few of these for your school. I actually started doing this to reduce paper waste.
  • Be sure to set your printer to the NORMAL or BEST settings for these Welcome Back to School printables. 
  • Again, white letter-sized cardstock works best for all of the PDF versions of the printables. Its hearty nature means it frames up very clean, without other colors showing through.

Download Your Welcome Back to School Printables:

Free Welcome Back to School Printables

Crayon Design:

Pencil Design:

Welcome Back to School Printables

More Back to School Printables

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