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Free Printable Surf's Up Sign

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This sweet little Surf's Up Sign is a horizontal print guaranteed to take you straight into catching a wave. The lighter watercolors feel beach-ish and definitely surf-like. I think this print would be so cute in beach decor, kids' decor, or even in a bathroom. This Surf's Up Sign is available in three sizes and two formats below.

Surf's Up Sign
I've always been a Beach Boys fan. And this print kind of brought back all of my childhood memories of heading to the beach every summer with a bit of Surfin' Safari on the radio. While my family didn't surf, it was fun to see surfers out on the water. And nothing says summer like a little surfing, right? These colorful surf boards are ready for framing. Grab yours below.

Free Printable Surf's Up Sign

Whether you enjoy surfing or just admiring people who enjoy surfing (that's me...from a distance, y'all), it seems like surfing is that unofficial summertime hobby that just looks majestic, in nature. I do love to think about the Beach Boys' lyrics: "Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world". I love the imagery in those words. Water is so powerful, being able to utilize its properties for surfing just seems amazing to me. Surf's up, friends. 
Free Printable Surf's Up Signs
While the background included in the Surf's Up Sign isn't overly ink-heavy, I did want to offer a background-free alternative (pictured above on the left). And honestly, I love how the colorful watercolor surf boards really pop against the white background in that design, as well. There are so many colors included in both of these prints that they will seamlessly fit into so many decor styles. If you'll notice that on the right hand image above (the one with the background), the white matte of the frame really sets off the background nicely. That may be something to think about in the way you want to display your own Surf's Up Sign.

Free Printable Surf's Up Sign

Formats and Sizes for this Surf's Up Sign

These printable designs (both the one with and the one without the background) are available in the following sizes and format options.

  • 8x10" JPEG
  • 8x10" PDF
  • 5x7" JPEG
  • 5x7" PDF (this comes with two designs per page on a letter-sized paper)
  • 4x6" JPEG
  • 4x6" PDF (this comes with two designs per page on a letter-sized paper)
I think that the 4x6" sizes (pictured below) would make darling postcards...especially if you're on a beach vacation. Or, they'd be perfect just for simple summertime correspondence. Even if you're land-locked, what harm can a little "surf's up" phrase do? 

Surf's Up Postcards

How to Print and Use Your Surf's Up Sign

  • This Surf's Up Sign is for personal use. If you own a small business and would like to use this sign for a physical product, please purchase a commercial license here.
  • As I mentioned above, this print comes in three sizes, two background options, and two formats.
  • The PDF formatted pieces are designed to use with your home printer...for simple and easy printing without any fuss. 
  • The two smaller sized PDF formats (the 5x7" and 4x6") have two designs per page to lessen the paper waste. There is one design to keep and one to share!
  • All of the PDF designs are for printing onto letter-sized pages: preferably white, letter-sized cardstock for the best results. Regular paper can negatively affect the end result of prints...making them look greyish because of how thin regular paper can be. 
  • After printing onto your letter-sized cardstock, simply trim the margins for framing your print. I've included hairline perimeters on the smaller, background-free options to make this easier.
  • The JPEG formats can be printed like a standard image or photograph. You can even upload these to your favorite photo-printing company. If, by doing this, you run into any copyright issues, you can show the shop this post. You have my complete permission to print these and use them for decor.

Download Your Surf's Up Sign  

Surf's Up Printables

Surf's Up Printable

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  1. Oooooh I love these!!! I have never surfed a day in my life, except for body surfing lol. I love the ocean, love to watch surfing. The colors here are fantastic. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much, Tamalita. Yes, I'm not a surfer either, but it's fun to watch! xoxo

  2. Love these colorful surfing prints! It screams SUMMER.

    thank you so much for the joyful prints :)

    1. You're so welcome. I'm so happy that you like them xoxo

  3. I printed & framed this for my adult stepson (who has loved to surf since he was a little boy) as a housewarming gift for his first house. He loved it! I never know what to give him but this was perfect! Thank you so much. Marie

    1. So happy to hear that, Marie! Hope he loves being a exciting!