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Easy Holiday Hoops with Free Printables

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I've been super excited to share these holiday hoops with you. Can you believe they're made from printables? I love making a printable into an actual craft. While I feel like I kind of cheated on my embroidering skills that I've worked so hard to hone, I have to say, these hoops sure went together fast. I'm sharing the free printables and complete tutorial for these holiday hoops below.
Holiday Hoops
These JOY hoops would be so fun for a craft night with friends since there are no special skills required and they're super budget-friendly. If you can wield a glue gun, you've got this. And the level of embellishment is totally up to each crafter...they'd be so easy to personalize.

Not only am I sharing this fun craft with you, it's also Thrifty Style Team day. All of my crafty blogging friends also have thrifty holiday projects they're sharing, as well. 

Easy Holiday Hoops

While I love hand embroidering, I also love shortcuts that still turn into cute crafts. I *think* I may have found a happy medium with these hoops I put together. Last year, I spent quite a bit of time embroidering this Christmas Tree Hoop. While I still love the look (and feel) of actual embroidery, I knocked out these three JOY holiday hoops in under an hour. Now, that's some fast holiday decor, y'all! 
JOY Christmas Art
I love these because they can be displayed horizontally or vertically. Currently in my home, I have them hanging vertically in the entryway. But, I also thought they'd be a cute horizontal addition to the small space above the pantry area in our kitchen.

Supplies for Holiday Hoops

JOY Holiday Craft
You'll need the following items to put together these hoops:
  • JOY printables (available later in this post as a free download)
  • 3 (7") embroidery hoops (these prints were specifically designed for 7" hoops)
  • 1/2" ribbon (I grabbed a spool from Hobby Lobby)
  • Christmas greenery for embellishing (I grabbed mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Not pictured: hot glue gun and glue, scissors, floral cutters for greenery

How to Put Your Holiday Hoops Together:

JOY Christmas Craft

  • Start by cutting your JOY circles out. The printables have a small hairline around their perimeter to make this easy.
  • Tighten your embroidery hoops to make sure they stay in the tightest setting (you don't want them to come undone later and your paper to rip).
  • This took a bit of trial and error, but you'll hot glue the very top of the circle to the top of the back of the hoop first. If you look closely at the hoop on the right in the above photo, you can see I made a pen mark at the top of my circle to let me know which way was up. I used a tiny dab of glue to secure it to the hoop in that spot.
  • Then, you'll basically just "seal" up a few other edges of the paper circle to the hoop (from the backside). It won't take too terribly much hot glue, just a few dots all around the circle to make sure it's secured to the hoop.

JOY Hoop Printables
  • Once all of your letters are glued in place, allow them to cool. 
  • Honestly, you could display these as pictured above, without embellishing, if you prefer. But, I'm a more is more kind of girl, so I just had to embellish a bit.

Christmas Embroidery Hoop

  • Start by cutting all of your ribbons first (this ensures they're all the same length).
  • Tie them into bows leaving long streamers.
  • I hot glued mine to the outside edge of the hoop (as pictured above on the left). But, feel free to get creative. I hot glued the bow part to the top of the hoop and then glued the streamers every inch or so.

Christmas Greenery on Hoops

  • Then, I just took a couple of sprigs of greenery and hot glued them to the top, tucking them under the bow. I wove them through the ribbon a bit to let them kind of cascade down in a natural manner. 
  • My greenery had some berries, too, which I also hot glued into the mix.
  • Continue with the other two hoops.

JOY Christmas Hoops
As crazy as it sounds, I hung my holiday hoops with...get this...DUCT TAPE. I did it to quickly take these photos, but it's a week later and they haven't budged, so looks like they may be in place until Christmas! This is one more reason to print on cardstock...it made hanging these a breeze and I *should* be able to just gingerly peel the tape off at the end of the season (fingers crossed, right?). You can also hang them on small finishing nails using the metal part of the hoop at the top.

Christmas Hoop Art
I wanted to also show you up close what the printables look like (pictured above). I used a small holly berry print in the background for a festive feeling.

Download Your JOY Printables

JOY Printables

JOY Hoops
Don't forget, it's the holiday edition of our Thrifty Style Team! Be sure to check out all of my friends' festive fun below. These are some seriously creative ladies. 

Thrifty Style Team

Free Hoop Patterns


  1. Once again thanks so much for these beauties, they will look so festive.xx

  2. These are cute! They would look great in mini wreaths also!

  3. Oh wow, I love these. Thank you so much.

    1. So glad to hear that, Tamalita! You're so welcome! xoxo

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Trisha! I really appreciate it. xoxo

  5. Love, love, love this project! We thought that these were made with fabric. Such and smart and clever idea to use a printable! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much, Vicki and Jenn! Always love "Thrifty Styling" with you two! xoxo

  6. So fun! I always really love craft involving embroidery hoops for some reason.

    1. Thank you, Courtenay! Me, too...they're so fun to work with. xoxo

  7. Just as fun as can be! I like the idea of a craft night to make these. I love all the details and added embellishments. Always a treat to see what you have been up to, Kristi!

    1. Thank you so much, my friend! You're always so kind, Meegan. xoxo

  8. These are the absolute cutest hoops! I would love to add these to my kitchen. Now, to find a place.

    1. Thank you so much, Mary Beth! Yes, I tend to run out of room during the holidays for all of my decor. xoxo

  9. Love these, Kristi! So cute and festive!

  10. Kristi, these are so adorable! And I love that they're so quick and easy to make. Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. I made these for a friend in a craft group and I almost kept them for myself!! So adorable and she was especially thrilled since her daughter's middle name is JOY!! How cool is that?? She sent me a photo of them hanging on her wall. She loved them and now I'm going to make myself a set! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing craft with us! Merry Christmas!! <3

    1. Awww...love that you have enjoyed these so much. And your friend's daughter even has the added bonus of displaying her middle name. You're so very welcome. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave such a sweet comment. Have a wonderful new year! xoxo