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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas SVG and Printables

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It's the first day of November and I'm so ready for some Christmas printables (and SVG designs!). Today, we're starting our 25 Days of Free Christmas Printables with these Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas SVG Designs and Printables (all free!). They're a sweet lil' way to (unofficially) kick off the holiday season. Grab your free Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas SVG or Printables below.

Free Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas SVG and Printables
We're definitely not trying to skip over Thanksgiving here at I Should Be Mopping the Floor. But I did want to kick off this series in November, so you'll be ready to go and loaded with festive prints whenever you're ready to decorate your home or office for the Christmas season. 

To get myself in the festive spirit, I've been listening to a lengthy holiday playlist and burning a pine and balsam scented candle for the better part of October as I worked on the designs for this series. It's so nice to finally be able to share the festivities with YOU as we kick off the fun today. The next 25 days are chocked full of Christmasy goodness...I can't wait for you to see all of the prints, SVGs, and digital freebies.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas SVG and Printables

Today's freebies are a simple typography-focused SVG cut file (for use with Cricut, Silhouette, and other vinyl-cutting machines), as well as printables that are available in all sizes (including our extended 11x14" option). These two designs are actually a tiny bit different than one another, the SVG being a lot more on the simple side to make cutting and weeding not too daunting. The actual printables are full of watercolors, a lovely holiday wreath, and a lot of plaid, anchoring the entire design to the page. Since the plaid has a lot of white incorporated into its pattern, it won't be too draining on your printer's ink supply. 

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas T-Shirt

The SVG design is pictured above and below, as well. The actual downloadable file is simple and in black and white so you can decide how best to use it with your own machine and projects. As you can see from above, it looks great on a fun t-shirt. I love to wear raglan shirts like this where the sleeve color coordinates with the lettering of the design. You can grab a black and white raglan (like the one pictured above) here on Amazon.

How to Use the SVG

  • This Christmas SVG design is for personal use only. Please do not create and resell any items with this design on it. You're welcome to create items for yourself or for gifting. If you have any usage concerns or questions, be sure to drop me an email (my contact information is in the side bar to the right).
  • This Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas SVG file is compatible with most software for both Cricut and Silhouette machines.
  • Don't have your own vinyl cutting machine? I really enjoy my Silhouette Cameo that I've owned for over five years (this is not a sponsored post). It's been a workhorse for me in my craft room and home.
  • A lot of my crafty blogger friends use the Cricut brand cutter. I am not familiar with it, myself, by my sweet friend, Amy (she blogs at The Happy Scraps) has a great review of the Cricut Explore Air 2 here.
  • This cut file is compatible with paper, cardstock, vinyl, and heat transfer vinyl (HTV): we've got lots of crafting possibilities with this one, y'all!
  • I like to use the HTV for pillows, tote bags, blankets, and t-shirts. But regular vinyl can create some sweet signs and mugs with this same design, too.
  • If you are using HTV for your crafting, don't forget to both reverse the design, as well as print on the "wrong side" of the HTV. There is a nifty Cricut guide on doing this here. However, since I'm a Silhouette user, I always  refer to Mandy's HTV video here. Mandy blogs at Sugar Bee Crafts.
  • All of the SVG and cut file designs that I offer here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor are designed for those who are *somewhat* familiar with using SVG files with their vinyl machines. If you're newer to the SVG world, my friend, Kelly, over at Kelly Leigh Creates has a fantastic tutorial on How to Use SVG Files.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Pillow

Download the Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas SVG File

This SVG file is available below for you to download. I just did one size this time around, since this is a square(ish) design. It's able to be easily resized up or down for whatever crafting you're using it for. The file you download will look like the image below, without any watermarks.

Free Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas SVG Cut Files

How to Use the Printables

  • You can download your preferred size of this Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas printable below.
  • All of these prints are for personal use only. For more information on this, please see my Terms of Use.
  • This design is available in the following sizes and format options:
    • 11x14" (both PDF and JPEG versions)
    • 8x10" (both PDF and JPEG)
    • 5x7" (both PDF and JPEG; the PDF pages have two images)
    • 4x6" (both PDF and JPEG; the PDF pages have two images)
  • When printing on your home printer (not a photo printer), I recommend using the PDF formatted printables so your sizing stays consistent with the way the print was designed. 
  • The JPEG images can easily be uploaded to a photo-printing store or company. See below for information on uploading the 11x14" size. 
  • Both the 8x10" PDF as well as the PDF versions of the 4x6" and 5x7" are designed to be printed onto letter-sized pages to make it easy on you.
  • I always like to mention this tip: white cardstock works the absolute best for printables like this one. The results are a cleaner print with truer and more vibrant colors. 

 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Printables

Printing Oversized Designs

I don't have a lot of oversized prints here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor. They can be trickier to print and are often larger file sizes, too. But, it's fun to throw one in every now and again. Today, we have an 11x14" option for you ( available in both JPEG and PDF). I was able to print mine through my local Walgreens under the "Poster" option on their site. This isn't a sponsored post, I just really appreciate how easy it was to print the oversized options through their website.

Printing 11x14" Printables
Head to the Walgreens website and hover your mouse over the photo options. Select 'Poster'. You'll be able to upload and select your options. Then just pick your print up at your local store at their photo counter (there are shipping options, too, if you don't have a Walgreens or Duane Reed near you).

How to Frame Oversized Printables

I have a couple of great (and budget-friendly) frame recommendations for the 11x14" sized printables over on Amazon. I have information on both of those below:
Oversized Christmas Printables

The frame pictured above is a nice sturdy one with a simple, rustic finish. It's perfect for all year long (just rotate out your printables). Hilariously, it's called a Rotten Brown finish. What I love about this frame is that it's 11x14", however, it also includes a mat so you can use it for 8x10" sized prints, too. That's handy if you change out your printables a lot (I know who you are!). 

Download Your Free Printables

Free Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Printable

Free Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Printables

More Christmas Printables and SVGs

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas SVG
Here's hoping YOU have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Christmas Free Printables


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