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Free Thanksgiving Planning Printable Bundle

This post for a Thanksgiving Planning Printable Bundle contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

This free printable Thanksgiving Planner has seven pages of organizational fun for the big day! Whether you're a seasoned Turkey Day hostess or if you're a newbie at hosting the big event, there is a Thanksgiving Planning Printable (or seven!) in this bunch that you can utilize to make your Thanksgiving dinner that much easier. Download one or all of these prints below.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Planner
The first year that I hosted Thanksgiving, my parents did about 80% of the work, food wise. I just had to set the table, boil the potatoes, and open up my house for everyone. Gradually, over the years, I started taking over more and more of the tasks, until last year, after my mother passed away, I was hosting the meal without a lot of guidance needed. My husband and dad still help out immensely and a couple of other family members often bring dishes to the spread. And over the years, I have realized, I really do love hosting Thanksgiving feasts. This year, I'm actually handing over the reigns to my niece to host. She has a new home and is excited about hosting this for the first time (and I'm truly excited for her!). But one of her first words to me after deciding to host She asked for a bit of guidance through the process. I thought it would be a great process to get down onto paper. And thus...this free Thanksgiving Planning Printable Bundle was born. You can download this free Thanksgiving planner below.

Thanksgiving Planning Printable Bundle

This bundle of printables is chocked full of goodness. I made it very ink-friendly and kept it to just the basics that anyone can use to have Thanksgiving in their own home for just a few or a crowd. 

Fall Tablescape
If you've ever hosted Thanksgiving, you know it's not just a day-of kind of event. The planning begins quite a few days, if not weeks, before everyone gathers around the table. Then, the week of, things start getting checked off the to-do list one at a time. This was one of my niece's biggest concerns...which day do you do what? And honestly, that's up to the hostess...however works best for you. I like to start with non-food stuff early in the week (ironing tablecloths and napkins, washing all the china, etc.) and then roll through the week with pies early on and then right down to putting the turkey into the oven on morning of Thanksgiving day.  

Putting pen to paper to write out your plan is my best piece of advice. And that's why I created today's Thanksgiving Planning Printable Bundle. For years, I've made lists and plans by hand with a lined notebook. I'm taking all of the important parts and putting them into this set of printables.

Thanksgiving Planning Printable

Thanksgiving Planning Printables Included:

  • Thanksgiving Menu Plan

    • This Thanksgiving Menu Planner printable is probably one of the first ones you'll want to utilize. It lets you plan your menu, maybe delegate a few of the items and jot down notes and such regarding each dish (like not forgetting the important marshmallows for the sweet potato casserole). This also helps me remember all of the family favorite Thanksgiving recipe dishes.

  • Thanksgiving Grocery List
    • This list can get extensive, so it's best to start on it early and leave it in a spot where you can access easily when you think of something you may need. 
    • Be sure to do a good inventory of your spice cabinet and non-perishables, too, to make sure you have plenty of those essential cooking items like oils and seasonings. Running to the grocery store the day before and the day of Thanksgiving can be a giant headache. Ask me how I know.

  • Thanksgiving Shopping List
    • Don't forget non-grocery items like candles for the table (if you're into that sort of thing), leftover containers (use them with my printable leftover labels), fresh flowers for your home, etc. 
    • And consider larger items you may need. Do you need an extra folding chair or two? Maybe your tablecloth is getting a bit threadbare and you need a refresh on table linens? If possible, it's nice to borrow as much as you can before purchasing.
    • Remember to make sure your bathroom(s) are guest ready for the day as well (even if guests aren't staying overnight). Grab plenty of toilet paper, hand soap, maybe a scented candle, and a box or two of tissue. My mom always said that every bathroom always needs a box of tissue and full bottle of soap to be ready for guests.

  • Thanksgiving Guest List
    • Be sure to write out everyone joining your feast. You can add in their contact information, the number of people in their party, and any notes (like if they're bringing the green bean casserole!). You can also confirm their RSVP on this print.

  • Thanksgiving To-Do List
    • This is kind of a general list of tasks. The two lists below are more specific to when things need to be accomplished. 

  • Thanksgiving Week Schedule
    • I created this with the three days of the week that lead up to Thanksgiving (starting Monday). This is when the prep begins. Remember things like getting the turkey out of the freezer, prepping pie dough, etc.. But, if you start earlier, be sure to utilize the regular to-do list for those items.
    • Don't forget non-meal related items like vacuuming, guest prep, table decorations, etc. 

  • Thanksgiving Day Schedule (two options)
    • I created one list with times included and one blank one that you can fill in your timeline. I know all families don't eat at the same time, so I thought it would be nice to include an open-ended version, as well.
    • It's super helpful to be to create this list as kind of a guide and cooking schedule through my day...or else I'm standing around thinking "what next, what next"? Thinking it through ahead of time saves you the day of. You'll know to make the tea or get out the ice just before your guests arrive. You won't forget to turn the water on to boil the potatoes. And you'll even remember to set out the butter, so it's at the perfect temperature for your rolls. This list will be your go-to on the day of the meal. 

Free Thanksgiving Planning Printable
Below, you'll have the option of downloading these printables in one big bundle, or individually, so you can pick and choose which prints will work best for you. 

Free Thanksgiving Planning Printables

Printing Your Thanksgiving Planner

  • You'll be able to download individual pages of this planner or the entire set in the download links below.
  • Once downloaded print onto regular paper or cardstock. These planning printables are sized for standard letter-sized paper (8.5"x11").
  • These prints are for personal use only. Please do not reproduce with the intention of reselling.

Download Your Thanksgiving Planning Pages:

Thanksgiving Organization Printables

Thanksgiving Table

More Organizational Thanksgiving Printables:

  • I also have a free printable Thanksgiving Menu that is perfect for the big day (three color options are available). It allows you to list out all of the dishes you'll be serving your guests.
  • Need another Thanksgiving dinner checklist? This printable Thanksgiving Meal Planner from A Cultivated Nest is another super helpful one.
  • And this Thanksgiving Planner from The Stationery Nerd has lots of size options.


  1. Thank you, Kristi, for this wonderful Thanksgiving Planner! As an avid list-maker, this bundle will certainly become a great holiday helper!

    1. You sound like a list-maker after my own heart! I'm so happy you like this planner. Thank you so much for letting me know. xoxo

  2. Thank you so much! I love your table runner and polka dot candle holders. Lovely! Do you know if those are still available somewhere?

    1. Thanks so much, Jenni! The runner is actually wrapping paper. But, I made the candle holders (that were originally from Dollar Tree). You can see the entire tutorial and more photos of this table here:

  3. wow, this is awesome, and so beutiful! thank you very much!

  4. I love this! It is so helpful. Will you make a Christmas planner also?

    1. I'm definitely thinking about it. I am actually toying with the idea of doing a Christmas series, too, during the month of November. Thanks so much! xoxo

    2. A Christmas one would be wonderful

  5. I love the Thanksgiving bundle. What a great idea. It's kind of funny, I think of going to the grocery store with my Mother and she pulled out a scrape piece of paper that looked like it should have been thrown away years ago. But the piece of paper was our grocery list for Thanksgiving. Of course the wording was all in greek to me. Not necessarily a foriegn lanudage just in a Mama's handwriting. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Mary

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed these, Mary! There is just something special about a mamas handwriting. <3 You are so welcome for the printables and thank you bunches for stopping by! xoxo

  6. THANK YOU! we are having a HUGE family dinner this year because my niece and her family are coming and my kids all want to see her- anyhow this is EXACTLY what I needed to make plans!!!

    1. Hi Gwen! I'm so glad you were able to use these and are enjoying them! I hope you had a delightful family dinner! Thank you bunches for stopping by! xoxo

  7. This is the time of the year to be grateful. I'm grateful for you, Kristi! Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork.

    1. Oh Betsy, you are so very kind! I appreciate you kindness more than you will ever know! xoxo

  8. Love your table setting! I don't need this wonderful planner this year. We're going to our son's home for Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you so much! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your sweet family! Thank you bunches for stopping by! xoxo

  9. This is a perfect idea, like the previous comment , a Christmas one would be fabulos!