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Christmas Toilet Paper Wrappers

This post and its shop for Christmas Toilet Paper Wrappers has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #UnbeatableComfort #KeepLifeRolling #CollectiveBias

These free printable Christmas toilet paper wraps are the perfect way to give a festive touch to your bathrooms this season. Because who doesn't want cute Christmas toilet paper? Amiright? Download these below.

Christmas Toilet Paper Wrappers
Not only am I sharing these free printable, over-the-top-Santa-belt Christmas toilet paper wrappers, I'm also sharing how a couple of simple touches can make your guest bath a little more cheerful during the holidays. See all of the fun below.

Christmas Toilet Paper Wrappers

Your toilet paper may not be high on your list of items to decorate this season, but it's actually such a simple little thing to add a bit of fun to for the season. I'm a detail-person and these kinds of things really make me smile. Wrap these Christmas toilet paper wrappers on your rolls before your guests arrive and they'll feel so special when they spy this adorableness!
Christmas Guest Bathroom
I also leave a couple of extra rolls on the back of the toilet for my guests, too. I use this sleigh I found at a thrift store to make it even more festive. Last year, we hosted my husband's entire family for a weekend of holiday fun. I made sure all of the baths were well stocked with that many overnighters in one house. No guest wants to run out of a necessity...especially toilet paper.

Scott Toilet Paper
And I have to say, I always make sure I am using a nice toilet paper (we're TP snobs here!). Scott® ComfortPlus™ Toilet Paper – 12 CT Big Roll is fabulous to have on hand all season long for your guests (and all year long for your household!). It's better than the competition, and is preferred over Angel Soft since Scott® ComfortPlus™ is 5 in 1- soft, strong, thick, absorbent, and clog-free. This is the only bath tissue designed to care for you with everyday comfort plus a little extra (your guests will thank you!). With thick and plush sheets for a trusted, comforting clean, this Scott® Toilet Paper is tested for strength and designed for comfort. If you previously purchased Scott Extra Soft, Scott ComfortPlus is the new and improved version. You can find it here at your local Family Dollar.

Using these Christmas Toilet Paper Wrappers:

Christmas Bathroom Printables

  • Start by downloading your Christmas toilet paper wrappers either here or below (they're available in two sizes).
  • Print onto regular copier paper in either the 11x17 size or letter-size (this depends on which file you download). I used the 11x17 size and uploaded to my local printer for less than a dollar per print. If you want to print onto letter-sized paper at home, you'll have to attach both pieces (see below).
  • Cut the wrappers out of your paper. 

Santa Belt Printables

  • Tape the wrapper on the backside of Santa's belt. 
  • If you are using the smaller size, you'll use two pieces per roll (both a front and back) and piece them around the roll, taping where they meet.

Santa Printables for Bathroom
You can see above how the smaller (letter-sized) page has both a front and back so the belt will go around the entire roll. I do recommend the larger, 11x17" size, so it fits the entire way around. I uploaded my 11x17" print to my local print shop for less than $1 a roll. 

Download Your Christmas Toilet Paper Wrappers:

  • Download the 11x17" page here.
  • Download the 8.5x11" page here.
  • If the above two links don't work for you, try my alternate link here.

Festive Touches for Your Bathroom:

Christmas Bathroom Decor
Don't these Christmas toilet paper wrappers look so fun and festive? They're the perfect touch to have waiting for your guests. I like to make sure my guests have easy access to our extra rolls, too. 

Bathroom Holiday Decor
Besides plenty of Scott® ComfortPlus™, I also like to have a bit of holiday soap by the sink and a light, winter-scented candle lit. It's just a nice little extra touch. And, don't forget a fresh hand towel or two by your sink, as well. 

Santa Soap
I like to use a nice peppermint-scented soap this time of the year in my Santa soap container (see how his belt matches the Christmas Toilet Paper Wrappers perfectly). I don't go too heavy on the candle's scent, but I do make sure my candle looks super festive.  

Holiday Tissue
And my mom always taught me to have a box of tissue in every bathroom, too, for guests. Since our sink and toilet areas are separate rooms, I have a small holiday candle next to the tissues in this space, too.

Christmas Toilet Paper
Besides the toilet paper on the back of the toilet, I keep this basket-full of more Scott® ComfortPlus™ rolls under the sink. This is actually a vintage paper tray, but it works great for this.

Scott ComfortPlus
Again, be sure to grab your Scott® ComfortPlus™ Toilet Paper – 12 CT Big Roll at your Family Dollar. Use their store finder here to find one near you. There is also a great circular offer for Scott® ComfortPlus™ Toilet Paper 12 CT Big Roll for $4.00 at Family Dollar (Regular retail price is $5) from 12/4 - 12/10.


  1. Such a "JOLLY" attention to details, I absolutely love it!! Thank-You and Happy Holidays!
    Barbi K.

    1. Awww...thank you so much, Barbi! Really appreciate it. Happy Holidays to you and yours, as well. xoxo

  2. We are a Scott's family too! This is such a fun idea!! We always have our spares stacked neatly next to the toilet. This is a great way to jazz things up and spread some Christmas cheer all the way to the bathrooms too!

    1. Yes! I think so, too. Thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by. xoxo

  3. What a fun idea! I never would have thought to do something like this. Pinned, and scheduled.


    1. Thank you so much, Alexandra! I really appreciate it...and thank you for the pins. Very sweet! xoxo

  4. I always decorate every space for Christmas. But I've never decorated my toilet paper rolls. Apparently I've been slacking and I need to start doing that! Very Cute!

    1. Ha! I doubt you're slacking knowing your decorating skills...LOL! But, your TP may be feeling neglected with your other decor, right? ;) Thanks so much, friend.

  5. i love this idea and my kids think its hilarious how i did this

  6. So cute. Love it. Easy decor for bathroom. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for all your wonderful printable! I love these belts. How cute would it be also to wrap around a glass jar/candle, too!

    1. You are so welcome, Suzi! That is a wonderful idea! It would be super cute!