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Watercolor Hydrangea Recipe Cards

These free printable Watercolor Hydrangea Recipe Cards are starting off the last week of our series. And we're going out with a bang...five days of floral prints in a row! The watercolor hydrangea designs on these cards were inspired by my Instagram post from last week where everyone loved this yellow hydrangea bloom (which I included in today's photos, too). Download these free Watercolor Hydrangea Recipe Cards below.

Free Printable Recipe Cards
The watercolor hydrangea on each recipe card is kind of discreetly in the top left corner of these cards...so there is plenty of space for your recipe writing. I've also made these available in two sizes: the standard 3x5 recipe card and a 4x6 version, too (because some recipes can be long, right?). Download yours below.

Free Printable Watercolor Hydrangea Recipe Cards

I absolutely love a nice, handwritten recipe. You can see my mother's recipe box in several of the photos of today's post. Looking through all of her handwritten recipe cards from the years does my heart a lot of good. I'm hoping you can use today's watercolor hydrangea recipe cards to share some of your own favorite family recipes.

Recipe Cards to Print
There is space on each of the cards for a title, a blank with "from the kitchen of", space for ingredients, and a place for the recipe's directions.

3x5 Recipe Cards

Printing Your Watercolor Hydrangea Recipe Cards:

  • As you can see from the image above, I created these recipe cards in two sizes: 3x5 and 4x6.
  • Download either of the sizes here or below.
  • Print your recipe cards onto card stock paper. 
  • Cut along the outside edge of each card.
  • These make lovely gifts, too...perfect for bridal showers and house warming presents. 
4x6 Recipe Cards
Download either set of these recipe cards here.

Watercolor Recipe Cards

Looking for More Free Printable Recipe Cards?

Watercolor Recipe Card Printable

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

See my complete video tutorial below covering how to print your printables on both a Mac and a PC...on your home printer.


  1. I just wondered if you could type the recipe cards instead of handwriting

    1. You definitely can. If you import into a word processing document as an image, that will work. I did that method in this following tutorial here: https://www.ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com/2018/01/free-printable-custom-labels-tags.html.

      Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks.