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12 Free Handwriting Fonts

These 12 Free Handwriting Fonts are some of my absolute favorites.  They're fantastic for crafting, labeling fun, vinyl projects, printables, and so much more. Handwriting fonts can be tricky to find...especially the really good ones (it's all in how they connect to one another, in my opinion). I hope you love these 12 handwriting fonts as much as I do!

12 Handwriting Fonts
It's been a while since I've done a font post, y'all. And honestly, I've really missed them. I've changed some of the ways I blog, and I'm bringing some reader favorites back (like free font goodies!). These 12 Free Handwriting Fonts are the kick off of font posts for 2018. Download these freebies below.

12 Free Handwriting Fonts

Each of these handwriting fonts has their own designer. Below, you'll find the name of each the fonts. Simply click on the font and you'll be taken to its download page (I use daFont for most of my faves and that is likely where you'll end up). Please be sure to check each font designer's terms of usage that is available on the fonts' download pages. Some of these are okay for commercial use, some are only okay for personal use (you'll have to click through to see each individual terms). 

The fun handwritten quality of these fonts is wonderful to work with on a variety of projects. The fact that handwriting was created into a font creates a super consistent look to your lettering in any manner you decide to make use of these. Enjoy all of these fun freebies. Again, just click on the name of the fonts you like to download. 

Dominique Font

Georgina Font

Moon Flower Font

Shellahera Script Font

Sunrise International Font

Vincentia FOnt

Coffee and Tea Font

Lemon Tuesday Font

Shorelines Script Font

Stay Wildy Font

Sweet Hipster Font

How to Install these 12 Free Handwriting Fonts

When available, look for font files that end with '.otf' (Open Type Fonts) over the ones that end with '.ttf' (True Type Fonts). These otf files are newer font files that contain both the screen and printer font data in a single component...making them a bit more user friendly. They work well on both PC and Mac systems. Before installing any of these handwriting fonts, you'll probably need to unzip the file they are in first.

On most PCs, right click on the unzipped font file you'd like to install, and select Install.

On most Macs, after downloading the font file, locate it on your computer. Double click it and the installation process should begin on its own. If it doesn't, look in the bottom right corner of the dialogue box that pops up when you've double clicked the font. There should be an Install button.

Fantastic Fonts

More Free Handwriting Fonts

If you're a font-junkie like me, you can never have enough. And handwriting fonts are so versatile with so many uses. Below are a few more of my favorite collections of handwriting fonts.

Handwriting Fonts
Hope you enjoy using these handwriting fonts in
all of your crafts and projects. 


  1. LOVE these! Downloaded them all....thank you!!!

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  3. Ok. Love these but how to you combine the individual letters into words and keep them even? I'm new to embroidery and so far, nothing's coming intuitively. Help is much appreciated. PS I should be washing my hair

  4. Love these! Thank you so much!