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DIY Felt Sports Pennants

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These DIY Felt Sports Pennants are the perfect centerpiece for your party for the big game. I made them myself and they were a blast to put together. See how to create your own sports pennants below. I'm sharing the free SVG cut files for these, too.
Felt Sports Pennants Craft

I've always wanted to make some vintage-like felt sports pennants. I love the look of them. When we were down in Fredericksburg, Texas a couple of weeks ago, I found a shop with a huge collection of them and thought they'd be perfect as decor for football get-togethers. However, at forty bucks a pop, I walked away thinking I could create my own DIY versions for a lot less. They're not as vintage-y, but they're still pretty CUTE! Check out how to make these DIY Felt Sports Pennants below.

DIY Felt Sports Pennants

Football Party Spread

If we're watching the game with friends and family over, I like to have a fun spread for everyone to enjoy. While I may not be the queen of sports, I do enjoy party decor and, of course...the party food. I wanted to create a cute centerpiece that can also double as a take-home favor for our friends (who doesn't want a gifty-gift, right?).

Felt Squares

Supplies for DIY Felt Sports Pennants:

Making felt pennants.

Making your Sports Pennants

One felt square creates one pennant. I made a template for you, however, it requires printing on legal size paper (which I know we don't all keep on hand).


If the above link doesn't work, try the alternate (Dropbox) link here.

You can also use your sewing/quilting ruler to create your triangles. My short sides are 7" and my long sides are 11.5". It's an isosceles triangle, where two of the sides are equal in length. Cut two of these triangles out of one felt square. I used two pieces to give these felt sports pennants a bit of stiffness so they wouldn't be too floppy. 

Free Sports Cut Files

Cut your lettering out (free cut files for this listed below for the size I mentioned of these pennants above). If using heat transfer vinyl, be sure to mirror your lettering in your design software and cut on the "wrong side" of your HTV. Then iron on your vinyl according to your package directions. I only did one side of my pennants with lettering...directionally, it would have been awkward going from small to large (at least, that was my thought process).

Free SVG Cut Files for Sports Pennants:

If any of the above cut file links don't work for you, please try this alternate link here for all of them.

Sewing Pennants
Clip or pin your two pennant sections together. If you don't sew, you can use fabric glue to attach them together. However, I love the little white stitch and the dimension it adds to the piece.

Sewing Football Pennants
You will only sew the two longer sides, using a basic stitch. You can do this in one continuous stitch. Just leave your needle in the felt at the point, raise your presser foot, and turn the felt to the other side to stitch. Lower your presser foot and continue stitching. Don't forget to do a backstitch at the start and stop of your long stitch. Again, don't sew the short side.

Vintage Sports Pennants
For the short side, we will use white felt strips. Cut four strips. Two strips will be 8"x.5" and two strips will be 8"x1". Lay one larger strip down and place your pennant's short side on top of it (halfway). Then make the two skinnier strips into your ties (as pictured above). Then lay the other wider strip on top of it. You will do one single stitch on your sewing machine, catching all of the pieces. Then you will trim the overhanging ends to match the angle of your triangle (see photo below).

Sports Decor
You can tie it on your dowel at this point. 
Or, string it up for a fun banner.

Touchdown Pennant

Football Party Spread
I feel like having one big focal point can be less work than loads of banners, balloons, posters, and all that for a get together. These DIY Felt Sports Pennants certainly fit the bill for that. I did borrow some pom poms, a helmet and football, as well.

Charcuterie Board
My favorite thing about the football party (besides the decor)? The food, of course! We love making charcuterie boards with loads of meats and cheeses (and more!) for our guests (they're perfect for our low carb diets, too). 

Charcuterie boards are a nice, no-cook way to serve a great spread. If my guests ask to help in any way, I let them know they can bring chips or dessert. 

Look up charcuterie boards on Pinterest for easy ideas to make your own. We love to include crackers, olives, grapes, dried fruits, jelly, and our favorite meats and cheeses. It's easy to replenish when it's running low, too.

We're ready for the big game!
Make Your Own Sports Pennants
What kinds of decorations do you use for football parties? Making these sports pennants FELT like a party itself!

Felt Sports Decor

Free Sports SVG Files


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