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Free Printable Trip Planner

This Free Printable Trip Planner is the perfect thing to use in the planning stages of travel. It's a great way to get all of your family members involved in the process of putting an entire trip together. This trip planner is available in three fun and bright designs. Grab your favorite free printable trip planner below.
Travel Planner Printable

When I was a kid, we would start planning a summer vacation around springtime. It wasn't always elaborate, but it was always fun to plan something to do together as a family. I distinctly remember one of the years we decided to do a bigger trip. We all wrote down where we wanted to go on a piece of paper and did the whole crumple into a hat thing...and then draw the destination. Lo and behold, my destination was drawn...Disneyland! I was seven at the time and was absolutely elated, y'all.

After the excitement died down, we pulled the other papers out of the hat to see what everyone else had written. I definitely wasn't the only Disneyland vote (I *think* we were somewhat steered in that direction...wink), but when we opened the last paper and it clearly said "Stay Home", we all about died (whaling, gnashing of was of Biblical proportions, y'all). WHA?!? My dad, the lover of all things home, always had his own idea of a vacay. In my little-kid brain, I kept playing out what would've happen had we actually drawn that paper. The audacity.

I'm 99% sure he was joking about it, but, to this day, that is one of my most hilarious memories of family vacation planning.

Not to overly-complicate the fun of planning a vacation, I'm now more of a writer-downer with this kind of thing...I want to make sure everyone has a say in it from the get-go. Download my own favorite free printable trip planner ensure you never have to "stay home"! (Sorry, Dad!)

Free Printable Trip Planner

Free Printable for Trip Preparation

This printable trip planner is really easy to's kind of a brainstormer page, if you will. It's a way to get down every possible thing you may want to do...even if it's not totally practical. 

How to Use this Free Printable Trip Planner

  • Download your favorite trip planner design here or below.
  • This trip planner is a working page to make preliminary decisions. Having everything in writing makes it easier to visualize a budget, timeline, etc. It also makes it easy to scratch out the things that may not really work out in the end. 
  • Sometimes, you can use more than one of these pages to narrow down which trip may be the best for your family (maybe you have a split crowd with half the peeps wanting east coast and half wanting the west)...use two of these sheets to see what works best in the end. 

Download Your Free Printable Trip Planner:

Three Trip Planning Printables

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  1. This is perfect timing for summer travel planning. Thank you for sharing your free printable travel planner with us at the #HomeMattersParty this week.