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DIY Drink Station

This DIY Drink Station was a fun upcycle from a thrift store side table.

When I found out I was doing a fun party in conjunction with my friends at Dr. Pepper {you can see that post here}, I wanted something super fun and vintage-y to hold some of the sodas for the party. I originally planned to build something, but then stumbled onto a great side table at Goodwill. Oh, you know I popped those tags. 
See the transformation below>>>

Wasn't Goodwill just precious?!? They went and threw in all that dust at no extra charge, y'all. After, I cleaned it up and painted...I was super excited to have a funky vintage drink station for the back porch. I love how there's a shelf for the extras, too.

I cut out a circle the size of my bucket with a jigsaw. 

I ended up with a lot of old vintage buckets when my uncle passed away fourteen years ago...he had a bunch of them in his garage and my parents were going to toss them {wha?!?}. I have plants in some of them and a whole lot still looking for good uses {fourteen years later}. I'd love to tell you all about the summer we cleaned out my uncle's home, but that would probably require a few blog posts. 

But, I will digress just a little bit. God rest his soul, after his death, we learned my uncle was a bit of a pack rat...which is putting it lightly. To give you an idea, we found my mom's antique crib from when she was a baby {and she was in her sixties when he passed away} tucked into the rafters of the garage. We found dozens of antique family furniture pieces, many {many} sets of china and so much more {it took three months to clean out the home completely}. We realized, upon his death, why he never had anyone over. He was a precious man...but, he came to you  {if you know what I mean}. Nobody was invited over. Ever. And we quickly learned why. The entire three months were quite therapeutic for us as a family, as we worked together to process the entire thing {as you can imagine, it was very overwhelming}.

And of course, being the family junker {none of my relatives seem to share my adoration of all things flea-markety}, a lot of it just went with me. {They were ready to rent a dumpster and toss it all!} But, we ended up salvaging a lot of stuff. I can just look around my home and see so many pieces that were from that summer. I've even refinished several pieces for my parents' home from that house, too {and now they don't think it was as crazy as it seemed at the time to save it all}.

But all that to say...I have a lot of antique metal buckets. And this is how I used one.

After cutting out the hole, I painted the piece in a dark grey chalk paint. I didn't want to sand or anything, so chalk paint was an obvious choice.

I used a wax puck along the edges of the piece, to keep the next layer of paint from sticking very well to those spots. You could also use a taper candle in the same manner.

Then, I went over it with my aqua colored paint. This is a new shade that I used on the porch ceiling and back door recently {I'll be posting about it on my painting blog soon}. I did a semi-dry brush to not have the paint stick everywhere. 

After it dried, I sanded with the grain of the wood. Since the darker color was the base coat, it showed through really well. I didn't top coat it since I used exterior paint. 

The bucket fit in perfectly. And it's great to be able to pull it out and refill as we need to {or dump the ice}. Isn't it fun?

And it's the perfect spot for all the drinkage.
I really want to host Thanksgiving on my back patio this year {it's Texas, y' would be perfection that time of year}. I think this will be perfect for all of the wine...and the bottom shelf can be full of stemless glasses.

I also made the sign above it...which I'll be posting about at the new blog as well. I love how it points the way to the fun!


  1. A family friend allowed us to go through her father-in-laws house after the family went through and took the big visible stuff they wanted. The girls and I dug through the cabinets and closets {that were packed full!} and we found a bunch of stuff that we just treasure. The best part was that the girls found an entire cabinet full of vintage crystal that the family never knew about! The couple had been a very simple couple, not in to fancy things, so every time someone gave her a piece of crystal she packed it away and hid it. The family came and there was just enough pieces for each of them to take one home!!

  2. This is just adorable - the sign too. I wish I could have been there to go through Rob's Grandmother's things when she passed away a few years back because she was EXACTLY the same way (it's a depression era thing, maybe) and I am sure some things that I would have treasured got given (or... gulp) thrown away. Pinned this cuteness!
    (and LOL - so nice of Goodwill to include the dust for free). :)

  3. This is just too cute! And I love the vintage feel to it!

  4. Kristi, that is SO cute and genius! I even have a table/stand almost just like that in need of a makeover. Pinning to share (and try ASAP!)

  5. What a great idea! I love cute and useful! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love this girl! Thank you so much for linking it up to The Creative Collection Link Party!

  7. The drink station is so useful.Thank you for your diy tutorial.