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Washi Tape Covered Hangers

These Washi Tape Covered Hangers would be a super cute and easy graduation gift, or even a wedding gift for the happy couple! They're simple to make but add a whole lot of fun to a closet!

In all of the gifts I received before heading off to college {umpteen years ago}, one of my favorites was a set of fancy clothing hangers from my cousin. I had used the same pink plastic hangers since I was about eight years old. So my new pretty, floral padded hangers seemed ridiculously luxurious. I felt like all that and a bag of chips loading my awesome new hangers into my dorm room closet that August. And to this day, I still have those pretty hangers in my closet!

When I recently saw some painted wooden hangers on Pinterest, I thought they'd be another fun hanger graduation gift. And then the wheels turned a bit further and I thought washi tape would be even easier than paint! Check out this simple tutorial below>>>

This is one of those super simple projects you can do in front of your favorite show. You'll just need washi tape and wooden hangers. I usually find wooden hangers at the the thrift shop, but they were fresh out this week. I picked these up at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $5.99 for a five pack. 

I will say, there was a definite difference in each of the tapes I used. I really liked Scotch Brand's patterned masking tape, it was very easy to use and stuck to itself easily. The "Trendy Tape" brand was also easy to use and a little thinner than the masking tape, width wise. The "Smash Tape" brand was my least favorite for this particular project {I do love it for other things, though}. With all of the bending and such, the "Smash Tape" didn't stick to itself as well. This is just my $.02 on which tapes worked best...and this isn't a sponsored post. 

I started in the middle and worked to the outside of the hanger. I didn't try to match the pattern, but I did try to keep its up/down or side-to-side pattern in the same direction. I didn't completely wrap it all the way around the hanger {the tape switches its direction as it rounds the hanger, so I decided to concentrate on one side and then the other}. I used three inch strips and then got progressively smaller the further I worked my way down to the skinnier end of the hanger.

In the little strap ridges at the ends of the hangers, I tore the length of my tape in half and layered several pieces to get complete coverage.

The back was a little tragic after I finished the front. I just tore more strips and covered the bare spots until it was all filled in.

I have to say, my fave is the red chevron. 

Aren't they fun? What graduate wouldn't enjoy taking these off to college? Would be cute to give these with a gift card to their favorite clothing store. I think they would make darling wedding gifts, too.

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  1. This is just the CUTEST blog! How have I missed you? I'll be following you on Facebook from here on out!

    1. Girl, you just made my day! I'm thrilled that you stopped by! xoxo

  2. These are so fun! I love them!! The red chevron is my favorite!!

  3. I freaking love these hangers! I wanted to do some fancy hanger thing for my bridesmaids and this is so much better than the customized ones I've seen for like a million dollars. And I now have a new excuse to buy more washi tape. Double win. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Such a great idea!
    P.S. I found you through the link party on http://www.chef-in-training.com/

  5. Blogs adorable and so is this craft. Glad to have found this. More ways to use Washi tape!!!

  6. This are too cute! Why haven't I ever thought of this. I used those same hangers to make personalized hangers for my bridesmaids, but these would have been way cuter! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Very cute idea and great for using decoratively - stopping by from the SITS DIY party. Would love for you to link this to my Craftastic party too:) http://www.sewcando.com/2014/05/a-new-craftastic-monday-link-party.html

  8. CUTE!! Now I know what to do with all my tape. I can't stop buying it and love using it but this is perfect to use up those rolls and a good excuse to buy more!
    Found you on the #SITSgirls link up

  9. I love these and I love that you showed how the back didn't end up 'perfect' :D Is this tape sticky to help stuff from falling off or just decorative?

  10. Love the idea of these as a gift! Could do baby hangers too! Thanks for hanging with us at Cook it! Craft it! Share it!

  11. What a cool way to liven up your closet! Great idea!