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Free Printable Mother's Day Card

This post for a free printable Mother's Day Card contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small percentage when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. 

This Free Printable Mother's Day Card is a lovely way to show any mom how much they mean to you. It's a simple print (meaning: low ink usage) that can be tucked into an envelope or attached to the top of a gift. Download your own free printable Mother's Day card below. 

Free Printable Mother's Day Card
With Mother' Day just right around the corner, I've got your back with this floral free printable Mother's Day card. Simply print, fold and fill it in with lots of love! Download yours below.

Free Printable Mother's Day Card

A little back history: I originally created this free printable Mother's Day card back in 2014. It was a big hit here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor. But, over the years, I've worked to make designs a bit more user-friendly. One of my biggest requests from readers is to create printables that use minimal ink on a home printer (I totally get that, ink can be quite costly). 

Originally, this Mother's Day card design had a cream-colored background that required the entire card to use an actual rectangle of ink (not completely sure why I did that). When redesigning this card (well, it wasn't a total overhaul...more like a background revision), I removed the cream background and placed the heart design onto a plain white background. This actually reduced the ink consumption of this card by 70%. And I think that the design really pops against the white. I did add in the light pink heart in the background to kind of anchor the entire piece. It's basically the same design, just using a lot less resources. 

Mother's Day Heart Design Card
And, of course, I love any design with a good ribbon banner...the aqua one on this card has always been a favorite of mine.

Printing Your Mother's Day Card

  • There are several download links below for this card. 
  • Please note that all of my free printable greeting cards (like this one) are for personal use only. Please do not reproduce them in any manner (digitally or physically) to resell for profit. Gifting is totally okay. You may also use these for nonprofit women's events to distribute to attendees (like retreats and such).
  • Print this Mother's Day Card onto letter-sized white cardstock. Regular paper is too thin for this type of usage. 
  • Once you've printed your card onto your cardstock, simply cut it out just inside the aqua blue border that goes around the perimeter of the entire card. You're welcome to leave it on, if you prefer that look, but trim close so your card still fits into the envelope (envelope information is included below).
  • Fold the card in half.
  • Using the handles of your scissors (metal ones work best), run the edge of the handles along the crease of the card to create a nice, smooth fold. 

Envelopes for Your Card

Cute Mother's Day Card in Envelope

Download Your Free Printable Mother's Day Card:

Free Mother's Day Printable Card

Mother's Day Card to Print at Home

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  1. It's so pretty Kristi - I am always in awe of your talent.

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