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Scrappy Happy Banner with the Amy Tangerine Plus One Collection

This project post is a part of a paid marketing campaign with Snap
Although this post is sponsored, the project idea and all opinions expressed are my own. 

This Scrappy Happy Banner made with the Amy Tangerine Plus One Collection is a fun way to bring some spring into your home!

When I opened my Amy Tangerine box of happiness last week, I may have let out a small squeal. I words exist for stuff this cute?

I knew immediately my supplies were destined for a banner. Clearly.

I really enjoyed working with all of the fun patterns and graphic pieces. 
They were awesome-sauce. 
Whatever other trendy word that means FANTASTIC to work with. 

The Plus One Collection was the top selling signature line released in winter 2014. 
It is sold out in most stores and online. But I have some fun details below on where you can grab some of these goodies for yourself in just a few days!

I probably need to begin this by saying...a scrapbooker I am not. I'm scrapbook challenged. I'm scrapbook stupid. I'm fantastic at the computer end of it. But yes, hand to heaven...I can't scrap with the best of them. 

So, when I opened that aforementioned box of awesome, I actually was a bit nervous. A lot of these tools seemed out of my wheel house.

But you know what? After a bit of tinkering with wasn't that hard. The supplies were actually extremely user-friendly. Even a scrapbook-lame-person-like-myself could handle them. And they were really fun. I may be hooked.

This adorable paper craft collection {pictured above}, the Amy Tangerine Plus One Collection, will be available for sale on HSN starting March 24th. It will be available in five discounted bundles, each priced under $20. These bundles {of joy} include: a basic kit, an embroidery kit, an embellishment kit and a stamping kit.The sold out Plus One Project Life Mini Kit will also be available at a discounted rate.

This embroidery stencil set rocked my world. I used it to create the cute lines of graphic "forward slashes" across the top of my banner pennants. As you can see, they can be used with letters and other patterns, too.

Here is how to use these super nifty embroidery templates:
1. Line your paper up with the gridded mat that comes with the kit.
2. Lay your template on top of the paper in the place you desire the pattern to be.
3. Use the punch to punch out the template onto the paper.
4. Remove template and use the included to embroidery thread and needle to stitch up your design. Cool, huh?

Here's how to make the simple paper flower medallions I used for the banner:
1. Take your strip of paper {mine were 1.5"x12"} and fan fold accordion-style.
2. Form a circle and glue your two ends together. I used hot glue, but anything goes.
3. Flatten your circle.
4. Attach a piece of flare to the middle {these came with their own adhesive strips}.

I mean, come on. Come. On.
I can not even handle the cuteness of these. Can. Not. Handle.
Used these babies to attach each pennant to a piece of twine.

I also used the skinny washi tape that was included in the set in between my pennants. Again, loving all of the patterns when it all comes together. And I also slid small paper scraps underneath my forward slash stitching at the top of each pennant. Just wanted to add one additional pattern to each piece.

The colors in this Amy Tangerine Plus One Collection go so well with my house's decor. I hung my banner on my aqua-frame chalkboard in my entry hall. I love that it's one of the first things guests see as they enter our home. 

Here are the other items available in this adorable collection:

Neglect your chores like me and don't miss a thing:


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  2. I really, REALLY love the banner on the aqua frame in your entry. It turned out darling! Love it. Those Amy Tangerine products are absolutely adorable!! The colors are magic!!

  3. This is SO adorable! The Amy Tangerine products look amazing, and your banner looks awesome on your chalkboard frame!

  4. Could have fooled me you aren't a scrapper. This is adorbs. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is seriously so cute and such a fun and happy banner. Love it!

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  7. I love this!!! A lot of work went into that darling banner!

  8. Creative Kristi! I’ve been planning to make one for my kids. I think I’m lucky to stumble upon your blog. I love the color by the way. Classy!

    Sebastian of
    Tropical Life Style

  9. LOVE! Small world, Kristi - I've known Amy for years and her Amy Tangerine line of products is absolutely smashing! xx, b

  10. Great way to dress up that cute chalkboard!

  11. I absolutely love your cheerful little banner...and that chalkboard sign is amazing!

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    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  14. I love the banner! everything looks so cute!!

  15. That's just adorable! I am feeling inspired…I'm thinking a mini-version for a son's upcoming birthday card. Thanks for sharing. :)

  16. Your banner looks fantastic over that chalk board and I think you are a little less scrapbooking challenged than you think! Done like a pro for sure. And, I couldn't agree more about those adorable clothes pins. Might just inspire laundry to get done in this house. :) Visiting you via "Live,Laugh,Thursday,Linky"

  17. I love your banner, it is gorgeous!! Job well done!